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Laclede’s LAN Brings LAN Parties Back To The Midwest – With A Dash Of C...

LAN parties used to be a fairly frequent occurrence under the Gateway Arch, but in recent years most of the LAN groups operating there have moved onto other projects, forcing Saint Louis PC gamers to...  [Read More]

From Startups To Fast Growing Companies: A Look At Two Panel Discussions Th...

Yesterday in St. Louis, two vastly different, yet surprisingly similar panel discussions took place. In the morning, Washington University hosted a panel called Fast Advice for your Growing Business. It featured executives from top companies...  [Read More]

#EntrepreneurFail: Building A Startup Empire

“Rome wasn’t built in a day either…” I first saw this unapologetic declaration on a billboard sign on a highway that is perennially under construction. And it always reminds me that startups have to be...  [Read More]

The New Office: St. Louis’ Growing Coworking Spaces

TechArtista is not your typical office building. Located in the Central West End, the building houses about 40 different small companies at any given time. The members generally have their own office, but share conference...  [Read More]

Can Students Be ‘Safer’ On College Campuses? TapShield Thinks so

I’ve attended a few Universities, starting my freshman year at a small college in Tennessee to transferring to the downtown campus of IUPUI in Indianapolis to earning my master’s degree on the campus of SIUE....  [Read More]

Greenvelope: Going Paperless Never Looked This Good

We’ve all seen email invitations. You’ve probably sent one, too. That barbeque you threw earlier this summer. Your best friend’s birthday last year. A party with work friends to celebrate a big win or promotion....  [Read More]

Community Bank Helps Startups Become Major Employers

A community bank in downtown St. Louis is taking on a mighty big project: helping tech startups become the city’s next generation of major employers. The community bank is Pulaski Bank, a mid-sized, publicly traded...  [Read More]

Should Your Startup Move To St. Louis? Upside Returns; Raises $1.1M

When you think about startup and innovation hubs, St. Louis isn’t typically the first place that comes to mind. Of course, Silicon Valley is still the mecca that everyone wants to take part in. New...  [Read More]

Startup Rovertown Featured In New Spirit Of St. Louis Video

The St. Louis Regional Chamber put out a video entitled the “Spirit of St. Louis” last week, and they featured RoverTown, one of the city’s promising startups.  The video is a who’s who of acclaimed...  [Read More]

Midwest Money: Financing St. Louis’ Growing Startup Scene

Gremln provides complaint social media management software for the financial services industry. MiiCard can verify an individual’s identity through a quick, online process. PromisePay allows online marketplaces to take escrow payments. What do all these...  [Read More]