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How Startups Can Help Protect Your Child Online

After the news that three rapist used social networking application Skout to find their child victims, we take a look at the companies building technologies that help make the Internet safe and age-appropriate for children.   [Read More]

Does 4Chan Reflect Our Culture’s Morals When No One Is Looking?

The Guardian once described the 4Chan community as "lunatic, juvenile... brilliant, ridiculous and alarming." Can we add to that racist and sexist?  [Read More]

‘Feel Me’ Smartphone App Creates Digital Intimacy

Feel Me is a smartphone application that believes the kind of communication that breeds true connection is just as much about the content shared as is it is about connecting with the presence of the other person.   [Read More]

We’re #StillRelevant, Says Twitter NASCAR Promotion

Twitter debuted its first TV ads and a high-profile partnership with NASCAR this weekend, in an effort to bolster the advertising potential of hashtag pages, and to introduce the service to new consumers.  [Read More]

Can Google Show Racism In Elections?

A provocative paper makes the case that racism cost now-incumbent presidential candidate Barack Obama between three and five points during the last election.  [Read More]

Oatmeal Creator Crashes Indiegogo To Address Lawsuit, Raises $20,000 In 64 ...

The creator of a popular online comic fights a lawsuit by raising money on IndieGoGo, which crashes the site.   [Read More]

Is That Google Earth, Or The New Sim City?

Google unveiled a graphically intense vision for Google Earth, including footage that shows comprehensively-rendered city skylines complete with buildings and foliage.  [Read More]

Here’s How To Check Whether Your LinkedIn Password Has Been Released

Developers have thrown up a site that checks whether your password was among those released, more quickly than LinkedIn did.  [Read More]

Adventures in Airtime: What Seven Strangers Think of the Service

Napster co-founders Sean Parker and Sean Fanning are working together again to push the boundaries of video on the Internet. We called up seven strangers on Airtime to see what they thought of the new service.   [Read More]

Google Acquires Meebo, Which Interfaces With Competitor Facebook

Meebo technology might be integrated into the Google Plus social network, and also gives Google a foot in the door to competitor Facebook's chat service, which Meebo supports.  [Read More]