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70% Of All Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Presence On Social Networks

With an increasing number of companies embracing the social world, asked the question, “What about the chief executive officers?” Surprisingly, they found that with the exception of LinkedIn — Fortune 500-CEOs lagged far behind the general population in terms of social media participation.   [Read More]

The Node.js Community Calls BS On Geotagged Strip Club Conference Venue

What would normally seem like a childish prank based on Portland's culture takes on extra meaning thanks to the increasing misogynist sentiment from the geek community.   [Read More]

Anonymous Targets Child Porn In #OpPedoChat

Anonymous says it's mounting a coordinated attack on sites that deal in or facilitate exchanges of child pornography.  [Read More]

The Week That Journalism Went Meta

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but reader opinion is the mightiest of all.  [Read More]

Newark Mayor Raises $1.75M For #Waywire, A Social News Startup For Millenni...

Newark mayor Cory Booker is helming a social news startup that he says will give voice to the Millennial generation – and democratize how media is shared and consumed.  [Read More] Knows What You’re Doing

Think back on some of those more private Facebook status updates you've indulged in. They may be posted on the tell-all site WeKnowWhatYou', a regurgitation of the bad and the ugliest that Facebook has to offer.   [Read More]

ACLU: Does The Government Think It Can Read Our Email?

The human rights watchdog filed a lawsuit against the federal government earlier this month to find out to what extent the government is reading our emails and texts.  [Read More]

Will You Sign The Internet Declaration Of Freedom? [Infographic]

Monday marked the release of the Declaraction of Internet Freedom, a multi-organization collaboration to raise awareness about freedom of speech on the Internet.   [Read More]

Judge.Me Is An Online Judge Judy

Family court judge Judith "Judy" Sheindlin has built a successful television career settling arbitrations in a mock court. Now, a startup called is offering the same service in 146 countries, targeting freelancers, designers, and other online professionals.  [Read More]

How Non-Programmers Can Get Hired By A Startup

Want to score your dream job at a startup? Here is some advice from non-programmers and the founders who hired them.  [Read More]