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In Defense Of PRServe

Late this week, a company called PRServe was banned from pitching stories to TechCrunch after Alexia Tsotsis banned the pay per placement business model. Here at Techli, we are welcoming these pitches. Here's why.  [Read More]

Why Entrepreneurs Hate Wantrepreneurs

Ok everyone, I'll admit it. I used to be a wantrepreneur. A wantrepreneur is someone who attends all of the startup events, meetups, and participates in online discussions about entrepreneurship without actually being an entrepreneur.  [Read More]

Treehouse Friends: Interview with Paul Irish

Leader of the teaching team at Treehouse Nick Pettit interviews web developer Paul Irish.   [Read More]

Lockerdome and RollSale CEOs To Speak At StartLouis

The StartLouis meetup is a grassroots community of startup enthusiasts that was founded in late autumn of last year. Since then, the group has grown to include over 230 members and four sponsors: Lockerdome, T-REx, Schlafly, and Food Essentials.   [Read More]

Brian Salmo: How A Business-Minded Attorney Is Helping St. Louis Entreprene...

Meet Brian Salmo, an attorney specializing in business at Polsinelli Shughart in St. Louis. Brian Salmo thinks of himself as "a business person that solves legal problems", and it shows.  Salmo is an attorney that many St. Louis entrepreneurs may recognize thanks to his dedication to serving the local startup scene.  [Read More]

Teensy Techli Tweets: iPhone5

Happy iPhone 5 launch day! To celebrate, check out this iPhone 5 Teensy Tweet by the creator of the hilarious “Goodnight Burbank” TV show, Hayden Black.  [Read More]

Want To Build A Startup Ecosystem? Build A 24 Hour Coffeeshop With Free Wif...

I'm writing this on a Saturday night at 11:00pm at a coffeeshop in the southeast neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. It's open 24 hours a day, it serves great lattes, and organic food, and the wifi is free. Oh yeah, it's also packed with people working on something important.   [Read More]

11 Mobile Shopping Apps Making Waves — and Lots of Money

Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council answer the question, "Name a product or brand with a mobile shopping app that's caught your eye. What about it makes it special or useful?"  [Read More]

Speakers Announced For Inaugural Portland Digital eXperience

This year will mark the first year that the popular Portland music festival MusicfestNW will include a celebration of technology akin to SXSW. Portland Digital eXperience events will include panels and keynote talks by some of the most successful and creative thought leaders in the Portland, Oregon startup scene.   [Read More]

Former FBI Most Wanted Hacker Teams Up With Top IT Security Expert To Fight...

Eastern European cyber crime is so pervasive that even luxury car dealers have sprung up in the impoverished country of Romania to service newly rich hackers.   [Read More]