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St. Louis-based Text Reject Chosen For SXSW Student Startup Madness Competi...

The idea for Text Reject, a contemporary spin on the popular rejection hotlines, happened as most good ideas do: at Steak'N Shake over college break. In just a few short months, the concept has grown from a weekend project to become a semifinalist in the SXSW Student Startup Madness Competition.   [Read More]

The 10 Greatest Wins For The Chicago Startup Scene In 2012

2012 was the year that Chicago took a place at the table next to New York City and Silicon Valley as one of the great innovative centers in America. Techli was lucky enough to witness these greatest wins for the Chicago startup scene in 2012.  [Read More]

How Entrepreneurs Can Increase Productivity By Planning Ahead For 2013

If you're an entrepreneur, it's time to put away your mom's famous Christmas cookies and get back to work today. While the rest of your 9-to-5er friends are on an extended vacation until 2012, you've got five days of distraction-free work between now and the new year.  [Read More]

Will St. Louis Avoid The Dreaded Series A Crunch Of 2013?

St. Louis won't avoid the Series A crunch because of freakishly high local investments in local tech next year, but rather because the startup community is great at keeping the startups afloat who deserve it.  [Read More]

10 Greatest Wins For The St. Louis Startup Scene in 2012

2012 was a great year to be an entrepreneur in St. Louis. Now that the holidays are over, we wanted to reflect on the past year to highlight the 10 greatest wins for the St. Louis startup scene in 2012.  [Read More]

The Inexperienced Angel Investor: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Beware the inexperienced angel investors, who are more like wolves in sheeps' clothing than potential partners who will help your venture grow.   [Read More]

Cheers To The Chicago Startup Scene With Hireology At Entrepreneur’s ...

Toast the Chicago startup scene together with over 100 entrepreneurs and small businesses including Hireology on December 31st as part of Entrepreneur's Eve. The employee selection management system startup Hireology is excited to support the event, which benefits The H Foundation's cancer research initiatives. Hireology joins Uber, 1871, and Braintree among many other sponsors.   [Read More]

How To Warm Up Your Cold Email

As the hustler half of the classic hustler / hacker startup team, I've employed all of these email tactics to line up an incredible number of high caliber meetings over the past month. The key is to warm up your cold emails. Here's how.   [Read More]

4 St. Louis Startups Making Black Friday Weekend Bearable

If you do decide to go out and shop this weekend, here are four St. Louis startups making products that can help you bring a little bit more sanity back into your life.  [Read More]

Does Brad Feld’s Boulder Thesis Apply To St. Louis?

What if all you needed to jumpstart a thriving startup scene was a blueprint and a few excited people? According to Brad Feld, that's all it takes to build a community of people who are driving innovation in the new economy.   [Read More]