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75% of Students Say On-Campus Wifi Means Better Grades

Yesterday’s children of the Internet are today’s college students. So it’s not that surprising that a recent study by found that 75% of  US college students say that on-campus WiFi access helps them get...  [Read More]

The Words That Make Hacker News Tick #INFOGRAPHIC

If you’ve ever spent time on Paul Graham’s social news site Hacker News, you know the extremely active community is very particular about the content and topics they up-vote. Graham describes the desired content as “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity,”...  [Read More]

Reddit CoFounder Alexis Ohanian Speaks Out Against SOPA

Reddit CoFounder Alexis Ohanian symbolically turned to Youtube to plead the case of internet entrepreneurs everywhere, urging viewers to help fight the passing of H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA.  The Ycombinator veteran joins thousands of  journalists (including Techli), tech entrepreneurs and Internet...  [Read More]

Comic Book Depicts 25 Internet of Things Concepts

Its not everyday that I find myself absorbed in a comic book. That was until The Danish Alexandra Institute, a non-profit that conducts application-oriented IT research, created a pictorial storytelling of 25 Internet of Things...  [Read More]

Zodiac Signs, Trampy Children & Steve Jobs: Most Shared Articles on Fa...

Today Facebook released the ‘Most Shared Articles on Facebook in 2011’ ( see list below), fittingly through a note on their media fanpage. The list is interesting, but does it really take the pulse of our...  [Read More]

They’re Coming for You: Invasion of the B Movie Posters

Alright, so it’s not exactly ‘innovation’, but Invasion Of The B Movie Posters IS brilliantly cheesy. The concept is simple enough: upload any photo to the B-Movie Poster app and create an awesomely lame movie...  [Read More]