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Ms.Tech Launches New Initiatives, Growing Chicago Network

    Three years ago, a team of eight began a group for women in tech in Chicago. The group, Ms.Tech, launched a website Tuesday and now celebrates its growth of more than 700 members....  [Read More]

Investing in America’s Startups: Steve Case Addresses Chicago Entrepreneu...

  Former America Online CEO Steve Case prepared startups for America’s entrepreneurial future on Monday in Chicago, the most American of cities, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said. Almost 300 entrepreneurs gathered in startup...  [Read More]

Crowdfunding And Book Publishing: An Emerging Trend?

It’s no secret that technology has been transforming traditional industries over the years and is now a daily presence in our lives.  Just how far does tech reach into your life?  Let me ask you...  [Read More]

A Social Experiment: Free Coffee With Aubrey

Oddly enough, Aubrey doesn’t even like coffee. But, as you can see above, she understands that others do. Here she is in Geneva with her sister and friend enjoying a cup of joe.   When...  [Read More]

Advertising and Social Media: The Perfect Accessory?

It’s been said that post-modernism is the new black. On the heels of one of advertising’s biggest events, I’ve been thinking a lot about this movement and how it relates to present day advertising. I’d...  [Read More]

Illinois Employers Banned From Demanding Access To Employee Social Network ...

A new law goes into effect in 2013 in Illinois that bans employers from demanding credentials and access to their employee's social networking accounts.  [Read More]

Can’t Catch A Cab Tonight? Call A Crowdsourced Designated Driver

Startups like Lyft and SideCar are subverting the municipal nightmares and lawsuits that personal driver startups like Uber have been battling in many cities. That's because Lyft and SideCar connect riders with friendly folks who are willing to give rides in their personal cars, no taxi medallion required.   [Read More]

The Whimseybox Team Resolves To Make Project Dreams A Reality In 2013

Whimseybox, a Houston, Texas based startup that delivers monthly DIY projects and craft subscriptions to your door, shared their new year's resolutions this week. Because the team is a naturally crafty bunch, most of the team's resolutions center around starting and finshing DIY projects.   [Read More]

Celebrate New Years Eve In Style Thanks To These 5 Chicago Startups

If any city knows how to celebrate in style, it's Chicago. Most of the city's startup entrepreneurs will be ringing in the new year together at Entrepreneur's Eve, an event to benefit the H Foundation's cancer research initiatives. Even if you have alternative plans this year, you can still celebrate in style with the help of Chicago startups.  [Read More]

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Steve Wynn

Many of the world's best business leaders are ignored by the newest tech savvy generation of entrepreneurs, who would rather worship Steve Jobs and other geek heros like David Heinemeier Hansson of 37Signals or Jack Dorsey of Square and Twitter. Yet there is so much that tech entrepreneurs can learn from Steve Wynn's journey too.   [Read More]