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Being Turned Down For Funding – Two Perspectives

A startup I’m working with on the side was cut from a popular local business plan competition. I’m not going to lie; it kind of sucked. Our team put a lot of work into our...  [Read More]

Big Data And Privacy: A Discussion On Compliance, Tracking, and Transparenc...

There are many outlets that are professing this as the year of ‘Big Data.’  With the ever-increasing maturity of tools tracking users online, social networking becoming ubiquitous, and the emergence of wearable technology tracking everything...  [Read More]

Tech Company Overhauls: 4 New CEOs With Their Work Cut Out For Them

Tech companies need a strong executive team to stay on top of the market and compete effectively. Many tech companies are taking on new CEOs to help them come up with marketing strategies and improve...  [Read More]

Shoestagram: A Bootleg Alternative To Google Glass?

“Wearing Google Glass divides your attention between the “ok Glass world” and the real world. That much is obvious. You can’t have an active screen hovering over your right eye and remain completely focused on...  [Read More]

TEDxWUSTL – Rethinking Connection

[View the story "TEDxWUSTL - Rethinking Connection" on Storify]  [Read More]

Making The Leap To A Fully Mobile Society

  In 2013, Cisco projected there would be more mobile devices on Earth than people by the end of the year. More than half of Americans own a smartphone, and — wait for it —...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Risk and Trust – Why Startups Can’t Afford To Make Employe...

When I’m asked how I became CEO of a successful tech company, I tell people it’s a complicated answer. But it comes down to risk and trust. Joining Division-D (then 3 Interactive) as one of...  [Read More]

Email Marketing and CRM: A One-Two-Punch For Startups

Many small businesses and startups use batch and blast email tools to send communication to their customers and prospects. At the same time, SaaS-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems are increasingly vital for contact management...  [Read More]

How Will Future Tech Business Look? 7 Observations By Mogul Tej Kohli

To become truly successful, you must look toward successful people; you can have a mentor without ever meeting your inspiration. Many tech dreamers, wannabes, hopefuls, and even moguls who have tasted success turn to Tej...  [Read More]

Gaining Perspective: A Chat With 2 App Developers in Kiev

When you’re a startup entrepreneur, your work is your life.  All day, every day, you’re working to be one of the few who makes it.  You’ve read the glamorous stories, and you know how amazing...  [Read More]