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KeyLimeTie | Software Development Stylists

KeyLimeTie thrives on connections. A snowball effect spawned by close connections has developed into a highly successful Interactive Software Design & Development Firm in the Chicagoland area. Founded by brothers, Chris & Brian Pautsch, KeyLimeTie...  [Read More]

Slang MusicGroup

The subterranean mobility of house music has helped carve a sort of divine devotion from active fans of the genre. Instead of utilizing traditional media channels like TV & radio, house pulsates from club to...  [Read More]

T-Mobile G2 makes its Chicago Debut at Syncubator

Wednesday, Oct. 6: The T-Mobile G2 Phone made its official debut at the Chicago Sync Center located at 322 S. Green St, Chicago. The event was organized by Chicago Android with Todor Krecu and Uki...  [Read More]

How Phil Murphy Disrupted His Industry 1 Box At A Time

Phil Murphy owns several traditional public storage facilities in Illinois. After having dinner with a friend and hearing horror stories about how his friend spent $60 in cab fare to get to a traditional public storage facility, Phil knew something had to change. So he created, a website that allows anybody to put stuff in storage by simply sending it in boxes via FedEx. When you need your stuff again, you log on to, select which box you need, and it comes back to you via FedEx. No $60 cab fares, no driving to the storage unit. Watch my video interview with Phil to learn how he disrupted his own industry one box at a time!  [Read More]

Spot.Us – Community Funded Reporting

written by Tuesday Hagiwara As the mainstream media struggles to deliver instantaneous news, thought provoking in-depth news, which costs time and money to develop, can fall by the wayside. is a website that encourages...  [Read More]

WordPress vs. Tumblr

Over the past couple of years blogging has become the thing to do. Choosing the right platform is almost as important as the content you will write, so I decided to compare a popular kid...  [Read More]

EDL’s CloudCraze Levels Ecommerce Playing Field

Entrepreneur Bill Loumpourdis founded his company, EDL consulting, in the ashes of the dotcom boom in Chicago in what he called a “crisis-opportunity moment.” I asked him about the inherent risks starting a business in...  [Read More]

The Front Brake Light: An Automotive Innovation Takes Shape in the Heart of...

When I first landed on to prepare for an interview with innovator Steven Wright, I recalled a car accident my friend Carla was in a few years back. Sitting high up in her Geo...  [Read More]

Join the Cause for Entrepreneur’s Day

While this post is not technically about the Chicago startup scene, it is related to Obama’s policies for small businesses. This post is about the establishment of Entrepreneur’s Day on November 19, 2010 to celebrate...  [Read More]

How Eddy Lu Of GrubWith.Us Makes Money Having Dinner With New Friends

When Eddy Lu and his business partner moved to Chicago to open a restaurant, they realized they didn’t know anybody in town. Rather than hit the loud, crowded bars and networking events every week, Eddy...  [Read More]