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Channel Awesome Is Awesomely Successful

Before creating Channel Awesome, cofounders Mike Michaud and Bhargav Dronamraju were both working for Circuit City in 2007 when they suddenly found themselves without jobs. “Circuit City liked to fire people when they started making...  [Read More]

Flyover Geeks Presents: Bootstrappers Ball Milwaukee!

Flyover Geeks is kicking off its “Bootstrappers Ball” series of one day conferences in cities across the U.S. in Milwaukee on November 18, 2010 at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee! It will be a...  [Read More]

Chicago’s Jabber Jury Raises $1.2 Million; Web Will Not Be The Same

“I am going to tell you all a story,” he said, “and afterwards if it is a waste of your time, I’m buying a beer for everyone.”  [Read More]

Present Bee is Social Wishlists for Friends & Family

Present Bee is a new startup to emerge from Northwestern University led by graduate student Swathy Prithivi who is earning her M.S. in Marketing in a joint program with cross over from both the Medill...  [Read More]

Technori Launches; Is a Celebration of What Makes People Entrepreneurs

Technori's look is modern and stylish without being garish; in a word, it looks cool. Its symbol is that of the John Hancock building if it had been turned into a sushi roll.   [Read More]

Adventures in Epublishing: Into the Shadows Available Today!

I’m excited to announce that my first ebook, Into the Shadows, is available today!  I’ve been lucky enough to have my online friends and followers help me get the word out.  The goal is to...  [Read More]

Why VisibleVote.Us Will Determine How You Vote Tomorrow & Beyond

Chicago-based Visible Vote is a free application created to empower Facebook, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android and Windows users to advise congress on how to vote on the major upcoming legislation, follow current events, understand their legislators voting records, and compare the records with their own personal belief systems  [Read More]

Landing Fortune 500 Clients, Increasing Revenue 600% – With Mari Lua...

Since starting Foiled Cupcakes a little over a year ago, Mari Luangrath's online cupcake delivery company has achieved a 600% increase in revenue and worked with over 100 Fortune 500 companies in the Chicagoland area. Watch my video interview with Mari to find out what techniques she used to increase revenue and land such high profile clients!  [Read More]

Harry Parson Makes Good Name in Credit Card Processing

Parson Enterprise’s Founder, Chicago entrepreneur Harry Parson, lived in the crescent city of New Orleans for 11 years, had a great job in sales where he was in the top 10% of his company and...  [Read More]

Interview: Jack Eisenberg, Creator of Mapding

Jack Eisenberg is the creator of Mapding, a new app for the iPhone and Android devices. If you came to the Startup Party on Oct. 7th, you already know all about Jack, and this interview...  [Read More]