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Groupick Says: “If You Can’t Pick, Ask The Group”

"The way I like to describe it," said Shah, "is that you picture yourself in a bar with a buddy. You get into a debate on who would win in a fight, Iceman or the Green Lantern? You post it to Groupick and within minutes you have comments and opinions on who would win."  [Read More]

ITA Fall Challenge Supports Illinois’ Future Leaders In Technology

“The future economy of Illinois is anchored by technology,” said Fred Hoch, President, ITA. “Technology is the driving force behind innovation for new, growing, and established businesses, across the span of industry. When we lose top talent, we lose our economic advantage. The ITA & BigMachines are committed to reversing the tide of talent leaving our state.”  [Read More]

EDL Consulting Hits New Milestone With CloudCraze 2.0

Northbrook, IL November 9, 2010Flyover Geeks first wrote about CloudCraze back in October: EDL’s CloudCraze Levels Ecommerce Playing Field. Since that time they have continued to grow in influence. EDL Consulting, a national technology firm...  [Read More]

GrubHub Secures $11 Million in Investment Led by Benchmark Capital

There are more than 300,000 delivery and takeout restaurants in the country and on average, GrubHub users order out at least ten times a month. With more people now searching for restaurants and ordering food on the Internet and through their smart devices, the opportunity for continued growth is substantial for GrubHub.  [Read More]

Rocked the Recession: Building a Chicago Conference

Being an entrepreneur launching a new business in the worst economy in 70 years has been exciting, to say the least. As I have met with entrepreneurs all over the city and at differing stages...  [Read More]

Chicago Ignite: 14 Speakers, 5 Minutes ea. + Pizza = Great Event

by Stella Fayman What do you get when you combine 14 speakers with interesting ideas, 20 pizzas, one stage, 100 audience members, and a limit of 5 minutes and 20 powerpoint slides for each speaker’s...  [Read More]

How Allie Osmar Siarto Grew A Photography Hobby Into A Profitable Business

After leaving the agency world almost a year ago, Allie Osmar Siarto formed a digital measurement and research firm called Loudpixel with her fiancé and their friend. Since then, she's gradually been devoting more of her creative energy to her lifelong hobby of photography. I sat down with Allie to learn why she became a creative entrepreneur to begin with and more specifically, how she grew her photography hobby into a profitable business.  [Read More]

Hulu Plus Frees Humanity; Dish Network Cries

For those that don’t know, Hulu is a web portal that has partnerships with the major television networks and allows you to watch the television programs you like for free, whenever you want. When the...  [Read More]

GigaOm Cord Cutters Frees You From Cable

I have been a huge fan of GigaOm for a long time. The writing is thoughtful and sharp, and they provide great analysis of tech topics. Since Flyover Geeks did the article on Hulu Plus,...  [Read More]

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

NYC based Veritgore Games has just made one of my childhood dreams come true. I can now get into the gunner’s seat in the Millenium Falcon and protect Chicago from TIE Fighters. Yes, really. Star...  [Read More]