Brad Feld Launches Random Acts Of Kindness On GiveForward

Venture capitalist and avid marathoner Brad Feld is using GiveForward to raise money for sick families.   [Read More]

Socialmatic Concept Turns Instagram Icon Into Physical Camera

Italian designer Antonio de Rosa has created an interesting looking camera designed to replicate Instagram's mobile app logo.  [Read More]

How To Negotiate Like Instagram’s Kevin Systrom

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom's smart negotiations between Twitter and Facebook ultimately helped him demand top dollar for the sale of his company.   [Read More]

Banjo User Feedback Leads to LinkedIn Integration

Mobile ambient location app Banjo just released an update with LinkedIn integration.  [Read More]

FTC Settles Myspace Privacy Violations… Wait, Myspace Still Exists?

Yesterday the Federal Trade Commission announced that social network Myspace has agreed to settle charges that it misrepresented the protection it offered to users’ personal information, in an agreement that will require independent privacy assessments...  [Read More]

Why We Shouldn’t Want To Know FAKEGRIMLOCK’s Identity

The startup scene’s newest celebrity isn’t a teenage CEO or a member of the Facebook mafia. Instead, the most sought after startup superstar is a robot dinosaur called FAKEGRIMLOCK. Weird? Yes. But even weirder is...  [Read More]

PR And VCs Behaving Badly, or How And Why I Became A Shill For Zynga’...

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Well… it happened. That’s a picture of me being interviewed by reporters from Japanese television station TV Asahi when I was in Tokyo a little over a week ago....  [Read More]

Draw Something Loses Nearly 4 Million Users, Introduces Sponsored Drawings

OMGPOP, creators of the hot mobile app Draw Something, was acquired for $200 million by casual gaming giant Zynga in late April, but since the acquisition the number of daily users across mobile versions of the popular...  [Read More]

Malicious Attacks Ballooned Last Year, Targeting Lower-Level Employees And ...

Malicious attacks ballooned last year, with the number of malware variants growing while spam rates dropped, according to a new report by Symantec  [Read More]

Social Login Helps Discourage Shopping Cart Abandonment

Social login is a tool that helps users login to multiple sites with the same ID from their social accounts. Social login triples engagement on websites.  [Read More]