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Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Learn More About WordPress

If you’re even halfway paying attention to the Internet, you likely know about WordPress, a very popular content management system.  What you may not know is the extent to which it powers the web and...

Senator Claire McCaskill Speaks To Tech Community at Cortex

  April 15th- Today at Cortex in St. Louis, Senator Claire McCaskill addressed an audience of business leaders and entrepreneurs in a townhall style meeting. Recognizing the growing impact of St. Louis’ startups on the...  [Read More]

Being Turned Down For Funding – Two Perspectives

A startup I’m working with on the side was cut from a popular local business plan competition. I’m not going to lie; it kind of sucked. Our team put a lot of work into our...  [Read More]

SLU Entrepreneurial Alumni Hall Of Fame Event April 23rd

The annual Smurfit-Stone Entrepreneurial Alumni Hall of Fame event recognizes four Saint Louis University alumni for their embodiment of the Center for Entrepreneurship’s motto “Do good, do well.” This year, the Center is adding to...  [Read More]

Oh, The Humanity! 6 Benefits Of A Man In The Machine

You’d think a solid technical design would be enough to guarantee your app’s spot among the greats. However, if that were true, I would have typed this on WordPerfect instead of Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s...  [Read More]

Big Data And Privacy: A Discussion On Compliance, Tracking, and Transparenc...

There are many outlets that are professing this as the year of ‘Big Data.’  With the ever-increasing maturity of tools tracking users online, social networking becoming ubiquitous, and the emergence of wearable technology tracking everything...  [Read More]

Tech Company Overhauls: 4 New CEOs With Their Work Cut Out For Them

Tech companies need a strong executive team to stay on top of the market and compete effectively. Many tech companies are taking on new CEOs to help them come up with marketing strategies and improve...  [Read More]

UMSL Digital Media Marketing Conference Continues…Even In The Dark (A...

A power outage didn’t stop today’s UMSL Digital Media Marketing Conference or keep attendees from sharing key insights. [View the story "We're At The UMSL Digital Media Marketing Conference (Afternoon Session!)" on Storify]  [Read More]

Shoestagram: A Bootleg Alternative To Google Glass?

“Wearing Google Glass divides your attention between the “ok Glass world” and the real world. That much is obvious. You can’t have an active screen hovering over your right eye and remain completely focused on...  [Read More]

Evtron Closes $600K In Funding, Starts Delivering On Promise

Since first coming on the startup scene in St. Louis, Evtron CEO Andrew Mayhall has generated a fair amount of press (and even a rumor of Evtron being acquired by Facebook). Since that time, Mayhall has...  [Read More]

St. Louis Startup & Capital Report 2014

According to the newly released Accelerate St. Louis Startup & Capital Report 2014, the greater St. Louis region demonstrates “unprecedented growth and strength of the regional ecosystem for tech-based startups.” The document, which is released...  [Read More]

TEDxWUSTL – Rethinking Connection

[View the story "TEDxWUSTL - Rethinking Connection" on Storify]  [Read More]

Appcroplis Challenge: Developers, Get In NOW

2013 Arch Grants Winner Appcropolis has launched an online competition for developers using its product offering to benefit St. Louis startup Independent Youth. Appcropolis is a platform that allows developers to easily create mobile apps that...  [Read More]