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NYC-Based Sweeten Helps You Find A Match For Your Next Renovation Project

“You can be stubborn or you can be stupid, but you can’t be both.”  That’s the advice that one of Jean Brownhill Lauer’s architecture professors always shared with the class, and it still resonates for...  [Read More]

Investing in America’s Startups: Steve Case Addresses Chicago Entrepreneu...

  Former America Online CEO Steve Case prepared startups for America’s entrepreneurial future on Monday in Chicago, the most American of cities, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said. Almost 300 entrepreneurs gathered in startup...  [Read More]

Nashville Offers More Than Just Country Music: Startup Scene Shines At Sout...

It’s easy to overlook a city like Nashville, Tennessee.  On the surface, it’s all country music and southern hospitality, and even though country music is gaining mainstream appeal these days, there’s more going on in...  [Read More]

InQuicker Circumvents The Uncomfortable ER Waiting Room With Online Appoint...

Nashville startup InQuicker has come up with an innovative solution to the miserable ER waiting game by allowing patients in need of medical care to pre-register online for their urgent visit.  [Read More]

Why Buy Stuff When You Can RentStuff?

The premise behind is simple enough: people who live near you probably have stuff you'd be likely to rent, and you might have stuff that you can   [Read More]

Tennessee Reveals Plan to Improve Startup Companies

In an effort to create more jobs, improve business and make the state the “No. 1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs,” Tennessee recently revealed their plan to help entrepreneurs who are in...  [Read More]