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Startup Voodoo ‘Most Promising’ Nominations End THIS FRIDAY

  Monday, May 5th, 2015- Startup Voodoo’s ‘Most Promising’ contest is still accepting applications for its 2nd annual startup competition. Part of the Startup Voodoo conference, the ‘Most Promising’ contest is meant to shine a light...

Infographic [Interactive]: Why CoWorking?

In a little over a decade, co-working spaces have become the preferred place for entrepreneurs to get their startups going. Instead of being alone in their home/apartment/garage/friend’s garage, they are surrounded by like minded people...  [Read More]

Appcroplis Challenge: Developers, Get In NOW

2013 Arch Grants Winner Appcropolis has launched an online competition for developers using its product offering to benefit St. Louis startup Independent Youth. Appcropolis is a platform that allows developers to easily create mobile apps that...  [Read More]

Techli Adds PushUp Social Network To Our Site, Join Us!

As Techli extends its reach, we are also looking for ways to better engage our readers.  To that end, we have added the PushUp social network to our site, and we’d love for you to...  [Read More]

8 Smart Ways to Follow Up With Customers Who Abandoned Their Online Shoppin...

What is one smart way to get e-commerce visitors who abandon their shopping carts BACK on your site? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s...  [Read More]

How To: Organize A Cluttered Inbox With RemoveMe

We’ve all been there.  You open your inbox, and you’re inundated with marketing emails.  All that clutter can make it incredibly easy to miss the emails you actually need to read.  You know you should...  [Read More]

Nashville-Based Serious Startups Launches An Indiegogo Campaign To Help Oth...

While I’ve come across a few interesting Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns this year, this one from Serious Startups in Nashville could be the best deal of them all.  Well, if you’re a business owner or...  [Read More]

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This Week In Techli – December 17, 2013

Looking for a way to quickly digest the top stories from Check out This Week In Techli! It’s around three minutes, and you’ll have the info you need to impress your colleagues at work...  [Read More]

Nashville-Based Startup Populr Is Growing Strong In Music City

Some of the best startups are ones that make it easy to solve problems.  That’s how Nashville-based startup Populr began.  Nicholas Holland, who founded Populr, is also the co-founder of the agency CentreSource Inc., and...  [Read More]

Treehouse Offers Buy One, Give One Program; Enters Cause Marketing Arena

#GivingTuesday took place yesterday, which is a movement created by New York’s 92nd Street Y to encourage charitable activities and support non-profit organizations.  That also means that many brands elected to announce new programs that...  [Read More]

Great Idea But No Capital? Serious Startups Wants To Meet You

We’ve all heard the scary figures of how many startup entrepreneurs fail.  After all, it’s tough out there, and for every one success story there’s so many more that never come to fruition.  From idea...  [Read More]

Startup Factory Accelerates New Team Of Startups In The Southeast

Startups are always looking for help with advice, growth, and capital, making accelerator programs an attractive option for early-stage companies. These 3-6 month boot camps force companies to quickly find a product and market fit,...  [Read More]

NYC-Based Sweeten Helps You Find A Match For Your Next Renovation Project

“You can be stubborn or you can be stupid, but you can’t be both.”  That’s the advice that one of Jean Brownhill Lauer’s architecture professors always shared with the class, and it still resonates for...  [Read More]