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The Key to Successful Crowdfunding – Build a Crowd

  John Coveyou has become a crowdfunding whiz of sorts. In early 2014, Coveyou had his first crowdfunding campaign experience when he decided to raise money on Kickstarter for Linkage, a DNA card game. His...

Startup Voodoo: Robert Scoble On Innovation

  On June 18, 2015, Startup Voodoo will hold its 2nd annual conference at the Lumiere Hotel in St. Louis. Robert Scoble, famous throughout Silicon Valley since the 90s where he made a name for...  [Read More]

Startup Voodoo ‘Most Promising’ Nominations End THIS FRIDAY

  Monday, May 5th, 2015- Startup Voodoo’s ‘Most Promising’ contest is still accepting applications for its 2nd annual startup competition. Part of the Startup Voodoo conference, the ‘Most Promising’ contest is meant to shine a light...  [Read More]

Collision Conference 2015: 8 Companies to Watch

A large group of people looking to make it big invaded Las Vegas last week. But they weren’t tourists looking to run the blackjack table. They were entrepreneurs and investors looking to hit the tech...  [Read More]

A Conversation with Maxine Clark, Founder of Build A Bear

  On June 18th, 2015, Startup Voodoo will hold its 2nd Annual Conference at Hotel Lumiere in downtown St. Louis.  One of our keynote speakers is Maxine Clark, St. Louis entrepreneurial success story.   Known...  [Read More]

Eat Kid Friendly: Eat Out With Your Kids

Brandon Lance’s inspiration to start Eat Kid Friendly, a restaurant review website, stems from where probably most restaurant theme-businesses are started – a love of food and restaurants. “My wife and I love going out...  [Read More]

Entrepreneurs Thriving, Adding Jobs in St. Louis

Entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area are thriving — and they’re bringing job growth with them. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which is a network of entrepreneurs worldwide, produces a biannual survey that measures a variety of...  [Read More]

Louisville Startup Red e App “Dropbox for the Hourly Worker”

When full-time office employees want to share important company documents, they use products like Google Drive or Dropbox. But what about the waiter, retail salesman, oil rigger or assembly line worker that doesn’t have access...  [Read More]

10 Ways to Get More Out of Slack

What’s your best tip for getting more out of Slack? The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi,...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: 5 Reasons Research Professors Make the Best Tech Startup Found...

As a research professor, I played a role in both developing cutting-edge technologies and inspiring the next generation of tech professionals. I loved the adventure of diving into projects with my colleagues — never fully...  [Read More]

GlobalHack IV: $55,000 Up for Grabs

  by Mark Sutherland GlobalHack is a 501c3 organization with a focus on bringing together the brightest minds to solve real-world problems. GlobalHack IV is the first of two hackathons hosted by the organization in...  [Read More]

Ballpark Village Throwing Best Friday Meeting Ever for Startups

By Mark Sutherland Back in my corporate communication days the worst feeling in the world was when a meeting was dropped on my calendar, for 4pm on a Friday afternoon. I’m not sure if it...  [Read More]

American Midwest Ramps Up Efforts To Attract Expats

It’s becoming internationally diverse, and St. Louis is working hard to attract more immigrants, says expat Mark Sutherland.  By Mark I. Sutherland Growing up in England in the 80s, I knew almost nothing about the...  [Read More]