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CEO Sundays: Bhavin Parikh on Managing SaaS the Right Way

That irritating spinning color wheel. An obstinate error message. A mocking frozen screen. Nothing is quite as frustrating as feeling like you can’t make your computer do what you want. When people experience technical issues,...  [Read More]

Tonight: Successful Chicago E-Pub Author Hosting Chat Tonight

Previously featured on Techli’s CEO Sundays, self published author Karly Kirkpatrick is taking her blog series, Adventures in E-Publishing, to the interwebs for a free live event on Thursday, January 3rd from 7-8 PM EST....  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Ken Oboh on The Importance of Passion

  The world of business is often thought of as cold and heartless. Tall skyscrapers employing thousands of people in well-tailored suits set only on sealing the deal at any cost possible and profiting from...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: IP and Corporate FAQ’s For Tech Entrepreneurs

Tara A. Nealey and Charles C. Vos, attorneys in the St. Louis office of Polsinelli Shughart PC, give advice to entrepreneurs about corporate IP.   [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Why Communication Needs to Be a Part of the Science

Just because you work in the hard sciences doesn't mean that you don't have to use the softer skills like communication and relationship building.   [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Make Your App Soar Over 700,000 Competitors

How often do you voluntarily see a movie that only earned one or two stars? Would you ever buy a new vacuum cleaner or coffeemaker that received a barrage of negative consumer comments? Customer reviews...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Abby Ross On How How To Amp Your Apps

While smartphones abound, apps are flooding the technology and social media gates. There are apps to pass your time, document your time—in an array of eye-pleasing filters, of course—and save you time. “There’s an app...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: How To Work With A Developer

Many years ago, I received a tidbit of advice that has stuck with me ever since: “Never settle.” Although most would apply that mantra to romantic pursuits, I apply it to my business practices. More...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Video Interviewing Can Lead to Better Startup Hiring

The startup hiring forecast is looking rosy. According to a recent survey, nearly 83 percent of all startup companies plan to hire in the next year. Considering the 8.2 percent unemployment figures and the lean...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Witness The Birth Of A Startup

In the fall of 2008, I was entering my senior year of college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With a degree in economics and a passion for global markets, I thought that come...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: How To Land A ‘Startup 180’

Many “want-to-be” entrepreneurs find themselves riding down a confined vertical. They push along on a never ending quest to define “the problem” their product solves. In order to develop a game-changing new offering that disrupts...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Maker Movement Exemplifies America’s Entrepreneurial Edge

Contrary to popular belief, America is still a world leader when it comes to manufacturing. We are neck and neck with China. Both nations account for about 20% of the world’s manufacturing output. We produce...  [Read More]