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Politics: A World Of Yard Signs

The term “Developing World” often conjures the image of broke and broken society. While their potential is equal to those in any developed nation, these communities have a deficit in access to economic opportunity, rule...

CEO Sundays: 12 Tips From A Freshman CEO In #STL Startup Scene

  Since incorporating our company almost exactly one year ago, a few short months after completing our Kickstarter campaign, it feels a lot like we’ve just gone through startup boot camp. (Techli covered PixelPress HERE)...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Top Benefits Of Failing Early On

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson It sounds absurd, but the fact is that it is impossible to never fail. If...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Risk and Trust – Why Startups Can’t Afford To Make Employe...

When I’m asked how I became CEO of a successful tech company, I tell people it’s a complicated answer. But it comes down to risk and trust. Joining Division-D (then 3 Interactive) as one of...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Romanian-Brazilian Startup NURSE

  This article was contributed by Arthur Alves, CEO of Nurse Let’s go back to mid-2013, when the first concept of Nurse was created.  I realized that many people don’t have health insurance and, in...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Startup Lessons From Maxwell Health

By Veer Gidwaney My brother Vinay and I started Maxwell Health last year with the goal of fixing health care in America. As we’re all painfully aware, health care in this country is broken. The...  [Read More]

4 Tips For An Effective Mobile Strategy That Won’t Take Millions Or Hours

In an increasingly mobile world, the marketing industry is looking to 2014 as the year of mobile marketing. And when 56 percent of consumers are equipped with smartphones, you can’t afford to forgo a strong...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Advice To Get It Right From Day One

In the startup community, ‘Founder / Co-founder & CEO’ is a title commonly found on business cards and LinkedIn profiles.  I learned fast, if you run with the wolves, you soon learn how to howl,...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Offered A Tech Job On The Spot? 4 Steps To Take

Image courtesy of Flickr Picture this: You’ve spent countless hours tinkering away at your resume, gone through a competitive interview process, proven you’re knowledgeable about the latest tech practices, and are now sitting face-to-face with...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Why Simplicity Sells Today’s Tech Products

In today’s crowded tech landscape, ease of use is what separates an “okay” product from an outstanding one. Developers know that if their creations aren’t user-friendly and intuitive, they have a much greater chance of...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Kill Your Meetings Culture

Raise your hand if you love meetings. That’s what I thought. There are few things in business that happen so frequently, yet produce such limited results. Sure, we’ve all had a few successful meetings here...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Is Challenge-Based Recruiting Right For Your Startup?

 Image courtesy of Flickr The Internet has made it easier than ever to apply for jobs, but this isn’t exactly a good thing. Recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers themselves aren’t benefiting from a system...  [Read More]

CEO Sundays: Getting Chatty – Jump into Twitter Chats for Your Busine...

There’s no denying that social media has changed nearly every aspect of the modern world, and businesses are no exception. If you’re of the opinion that innovation is critical for an organization’s success, then for...  [Read More]