Helping Local Independent Shops Reach Wider Audiences

Lesley Tweedie is the founder of Little Independent, an online marketplace for sale items from independent retail stores. Lesley is an independent store owner herself and owns a local bike shop in Chicago. I interviewed Lesley to learn where the idea for Little Independent came from, how she created the site, and what she's learned from being a brick and mortar entrepreneur creating an internet business.  [Read More]

From Interviewing JK Rowling To Inspiring Millions Every Month

Emerson Spartz is the founder of Spartz Inc., a network of websites including OMG Facts, MuggleNet, and GivesMeHope that reach millions of people every month. Emerson’s Harry Potter fan site MuggleNet was so popular that...  [Read More]

From Managing A $96 Million Budget To Improving Social Travel

Brittany Laughlin is the co-founder of gtrot, a website improving social travel. Before narrowing down her interests to travel and tech, Brittany worked for American Express managing a team and a $96 million budget. I...  [Read More]

From Urban Design To Dabbling In New Business

Jessica Lybeck is the co-founder of Dabble, a new site allowing anybody to teach a class and anybody to dabble in new activities. Before Dabble, Jessica co-founded a small business marketing firm and before that was an urban designer working on 50-year plans for colleges. I interviewed Jessica to learn about dabble, her journey as an entrepreneur, and what sorts of things urban designers do (cool stuff!).  [Read More]

From The Basement To $17 Million In Revenue with Instant Technology

Rona Borre is the president and CEO of Instant Technology, an IT staffing and recruiting firm. After running a $30 million book of business at a global recruiting firm, Rona left to start Instant Technology with the goal of adding a personal touch to the staffing industry. What began as a startup in her basement has grown to more than 30 employees and almost $17 million in revenue. I interviewed Rona to learn the story of how she built Instant Technology from the ground up.  [Read More]

Creating A Buyer Powered Market With Zaarly

Bo Fishback is the founder of Zaarly. Previously, Bo was the Vice President of Entrepreneurship for the Kaufman Foundation. Zaarly was created a LA Startup Weekend just a few months ago in February 2011, and is moving at the speed of light building a team, raising tons of capital, and preparing to create an innovative new e-comemrce platform. I interviewed Bo to learn the story of Zaarly and share experiences from his vast history as an entrepreneur.  [Read More]

From Six Figure Corporate Salary To $0 And A Co-Founder

Adam Siegel is the co-founder of Inkling Markets, a company that creates prediction market software for large companies. He's also recently founded Cityposh, a competitive local shopping site. I invited Adam here today to share why he left a successful job at a large consulting firm to start Inkling Markets and what he's learned along the way.  [Read More]

Funding Your Idea: From Grandpa To Waiting Tables To Raising $500,000

Desiree Vargas Wrigley is the co-founder of GiveForward, a website that allows people to crowd fund money for medical expenses.  GiveForward recently raised $500,000 in funding. But that funding came after a lot of bootstrapping and alternative funding sources (like Desiree's grandpa). In this interview, Desiree shares the unique ways she bootstrapped GiveForward in the beginning, where the idea came from, and how she pushed forward no matter what.  [Read More]

PerkSpot: From Dining Room Table To Doubling Revenue Every Year

Christopher Hill is the founder of PerkSpot, a company that manages discount benefit programs for employers. Chris started Perkspot out of his condo four and a half years ago, and Perkspot has been doubling revenue every year since. I invited Chris here to today to share the story of how he built Perkspot to the success it is today and why he bootstrapped rather than sought funding.  [Read More]

Funding Your Business & Mistakes You Should Avoid

Carol Roth, business strategist and author of The Entrepreneur Equation. Carol has helped a wide variety of clients raise more than $1 billion in capital. Today she shares why venture capital could be good for your business, how to know if your business is even fundable, and common mistakes creative entrepreneurs make when seeking funding.   [Read More]