Steven Bustin
Steven Bustin
Steven G. Bustin is an internet entrepreneur and pioneer, founding two successful internet advertising and marketing startups in the mid 90’s. He has been an innovator and senior executive with each wave of emerging media including; banners, out-of-home display, satellite broadband, Search, and social media. A writer, blogger and book author, he is currently consulting to both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Steven lives in Marin County, California. He can be contacted at BustinMedia


Sustainable Microfarms Makes Urban Farming Simple

  “We will disrupt the industry”, “we will empower people”, “we will even end world hunger!” are all usually empty startup mantras as ubiquitous as the drone of millions of Powerpoint presentations. When a startup...  [Read More]

Talkwheel Brings Online Engagement Full Circle

People are not linear.  Life is not linear (even without time travel). So, why should online discussion be linear?  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al, –  Think about it.  They’re one dimensional, turn-based, silo-ed conversations. Does...  [Read More]

USS Spruance VII: Series Finale

Lunch was in the Wardroom, attended by both officers and enlisted crew, one placed between each of us for easy conversation. I had the privilege of sitting next to the Executive Officer (XO) who was...  [Read More]

USS Spruance Part VI: Star Trek?

As we had walked about the deck forward and aft, we noticed row after row of hatches and assumed these were missile silos.  We assumed correctly.  The Spruance carries multiple types of missiles for multiple...  [Read More]

USS Spruance Part V: “What, ME Drive?”

“Captain on the Bridge!” shouted a sailor as the Captain and our Ensign took us to the Bridge of the ship, high above the deck. If the engine compartment was the muscle of the ship,...  [Read More]

Navy Destroyer Spruance Like A Tech Startup (With Rolls Royce Engines)

This is part 4. You can go back to part I, part II or Part III We requested a tour of the engine room and in true Navy fashion, they agreed and then offered a...  [Read More]

Navy Destroyer USS Spruance Part III: R2D2 And Avoiding Broken Noses

R2-D2 can bring the heat Editor Note: This is Part 3 of the Navy Destroyer USS Spruance story- you can also view Part I and Part II As we began our tour we were clearly...  [Read More]

Navy Destroyer USS Spruance Part II

This is Part II of a series. Part I can be read HERE I arrived at the parking lot at 5:40AM and within ten minutes five others did the same. Moments later, a Navy Master...  [Read More]

Navy Destroyer Spruance Like Hi-Tech Startup (With Missiles)

*Editors Note: This is part 1 of a several part series- Bay area entrepreneur Steven Bustin had a unique opportunity and we thought our readers would enjoy a walk through a different lifestyle. His pieces...  [Read More]