Sharon Gutowski
Sharon Gutowski
Sharon Gutowski is a freelance writer and strategist with a background in art, marketing and international relations. This fueled her interest in technology and startups as she learned how creative solutions are empowering people around the world. She has used her skills in photography and communications to fight malaria with the Nothing But Nets campaign, published work on modern militaries and social media, and created actionable marketing plans for her clients. Read more about her work here. She also has all four seasons of Pinky and the Brain on her media server.


St. Louis Startup Pixel Press Quickly Becomes Big Deal

Pixel Press c0-founder Robin Rath admits that their launch is both exciting and nerve-wracking. After releasing their app in the iOS appstore, downloads of Pixel Press for iPad exceeded 40,000 downloads alone between April 30th...  [Read More]

College Students Turn Need To Save Money Into Startup

In addition to the pressure of exams, extracurricular activities, and selecting a “valuable” major to ensure career prospects, college students today face enormous stress without considering money.  With tuition costs soaring and an uncertain job...  [Read More]

Big Data, Genealogy and Genetic Testing Offer Insights To Past And Future

Everyone who knew my grandmother knew she was French. She spoke the language fluently, studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and earned a Master’s Degree in French Literature, an uncommon feat for a woman...  [Read More]

Exchange Initiative: Using Technology To Combat Human Trafficking In St. Lo...

When Molly Hackett, a St. Louis event planner, started receiving calls from human trafficking investigators, she was floored. It never occurred to her that her expertise could aid law enforcement in curbing a fast growing...  [Read More]

Aspiring STL Programmers Give Rock Star Welcome To David Malan And His Harv...

This weekend almost 300 aspiring coders ascended on T-Rex, excited to meet their online Harvard professor, David Malan, and his team in person. Many participants of St. Louis’ first ever cs50 hackathon heard about cs50,...  [Read More]

A New Vision Of The Web

Enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities is an insightful process. Often, solutions designed for a specific problem will improve life for everyone. Take automatic door openers, for example. Anyone with their hands full can push...  [Read More]

As The STL Tech Scene Heats Up, Local Schools Integrate Coding

The buzz around the St. Louis tech scene gets louder every day. With news of job creation and the influx of new startups, area schools are seeing value in teaching programming. In addition to being...  [Read More]

Static Electricity, Cats, And The Future Of Customized Robots

Winter has taken over social media. And who can blame us? The Snowpocalypse has been relentless.  It’s wreaking havoc on roads, school schedules and our ability to enjoy the magical parts of winter like Peppermint...  [Read More]

Five Issues Of Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition apps have gotten a lot of attention lately. Many question the wisdom of unlimited databases connecting names and faces. Google’s statement opposing this technology (which has now disappeared) doesn’t matter.  A mobile device...  [Read More]