Russell Roering
Russell Roering is a 13 year veteran of Information Technology and a Microsoft Certified System Administrator who has held nearly every IT position from bench tech to Systems Administrator. Upon getting a taste for marketing in 2007 and growing into an award-winning Marketing Manager in 2008, Russell has now combined his two passions and become one of Milwaukee’s leading authorities on social media for start-up businesses. He also enjoys social media consulting and serving as a content creator for several PR and tech blogs including Flyover Geeks and Spin Sucks. Russell prides himself on his sharp-witted content and everyman viewpoint as he reports on Milwaukee-area start-ups and social media marketing. You can find his blog at


SocialDevCamp: 5 Awesome Things and 5 Things You May Have Missed

(Disclosure: was a media partner of SocialDevCamp) I had every intention of writing a full guide on the two-and-a-half day goodness of SocialDevCamp this past weekend. I felt, however, that those who wanted to...  [Read More]

7 Reasons Why Social Media Enthusiasts Can’t Miss SocialDevCamp

Social media fatigue is real, and so is social media event fatigue. I’m as guilty as the next geek of sifting through the endless array of tweet-ups, conferences, and webinars and thinking “will this one...  [Read More]

Lower Show Prices by Social Sharing with KnockDown Ninja

Milwaukee-Area startup KnockDown Ninja employees seem to have a flair for the dramatic: they are not simply looking to help you save a few bucks on tickets to popular events; they want to cut them...  [Read More]

TechWeek Blows Through the Windy City

Full disclosure: I am an employee of Edelman, a major sponsor of TechWeek. However, I have not been additionally compensated by Edelman for writing this article, and any views expressed are my own and not...  [Read More]

Should Your Facebook Profile Outlive You?

MyFoxChicago recently ran a story on deceased loved ones “living on” (so-to-speak) through active Facebook profiles. As I did more research on the topic, I began to find it a bit morbid, and even a...  [Read More]

StageBloc: Where Website Development, Music Meet and Rock

Whether your band still plays garage gigs or is being billed as the next multi-platinum sensation, the talented website developers of Stagebloc are bringing you a design and development tool that is (forgive the pun) music to your ears.   [Read More]

Coworking Spaces Can Offer Unique Networking Opportunities

As freelancers, we love the freedom of setting our own schedules and choosing our own customers. For me, being a freelancer means that there are days where I’m working 15 hours straight and eating every...  [Read More]

Cyberbullying Hurts the Ones You Love

I think it is safe to say that I am a fan of technology and the newfound freedom it has allowed us. While some would argue that we are more tethered to our devices than...  [Read More]

Revitalized SMC-Milwaukee Promises a Resurgence

Full disclosure: I am credited by many as the one responsible for the resurrection of the Milwaukee chapter of SMC. I like to think of it more as a collaborative reopening of a new avenue...  [Read More]

Commerce App Zaarly Helps Get Things Done

While in Chicago this past week, I attended the Chicago street-team launch of Zaarly, and I have to say that I was impressed at the concept. Zaarly is an application that lets you post your...  [Read More]