Rex Harris
Rex Columnist & Advertising
Rex Harris is an Innovations Supervisor for the SMGx arm of Starcom Mediavest Chicago. He has an unbridled passion for innovation and emerging technology as it pertains to the world of advertising. He’s been tinkering with computers, modifying game consoles, and staying on top of the latest tech news for most of his life. Working as a digital media buyer at Starcom, Rex helped reinvent General Motors’ online video strategy and challenged his clients to plan for the future of media consumption. Since joining SMGx, Rex has focused on navigating clients and colleagues through the quickly-evolving realm of Convergence.


Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, And Others Chart The Demise of Mass Marketing

Let’s face it, the primary reason you go to a conference named The Art of Marketing is to hear provocative ideas like the one in this article’s title. In the process, you’re presented with some compelling...  [Read More]

4 Fresh Marketing Ideas From SxSW Interactive 2012

SxSWi is to ideas, what CES is to gadgets - in an environment such as this, it was easy to pick out four such ideas worthwhile to marketers.  [Read More]

SXSW: Gawker VP Talks About The Next Generation of Publishing

“A lot of the stuff you see a few days later in mainstream media, you got from us first.  That makes it very personal for the readership – there’s a lot of engagement there.”  That’s...  [Read More]

SXSW: “Don’t Cut Your Toenails During a Pitch,” And Other...

As an ex-“entrepreneur in residence” with August Capital, and the current CEO of  ToyTalk, Oren Jacob knows more than a thing or two about how startups get funded.  Having sat on both sides of the table...  [Read More]

#SocialTV Startups Grab A Piece Of TV’s $70B Ad Business

Social TV apps like Miso, GetGlue, and IntoNow prove there's big money to be made in the business of what Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, called saving live TV.  [Read More]

Why Marketers Have Fallen in Love with CES

Another Consumer Electronics Show is in the can. Continuing it’s recent growth spurt, this year’s CES is reported to have been the biggest in the show’s 44-year history.  The stats read like so: 1.861 million...  [Read More]

Infolinks’ Interesting, Albeit Inaccurate, History of Ads #Infographi...

Love it or hate it, most of us have come to accept advertising’s presence in almost every facet our lives. Infolinks, an online in-text ad network, created the below inforgraphic to show just how omnipresent advertising has become....  [Read More]

WordPress Introduces “WordAds”

In stating the obvious, I’d like to proclaim that the Internet has changed the face of journalism and writing professionally forever. Historically, being a good writer wasn’t enough to making a living as the barriers...  [Read More]

How #SOPA Harms Online Advertising

About halfway down the infographic we recently posted on the pending Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), you’ll see the image to your right. Not only does SOPA affect site owners, users, and perspective online startups; it restricts...  [Read More]

Seekyt Wants to Pay You for Writing

By building an online hub for writers to publish articles and earn ad revenue, Seekyt has made it easy for people to make a few extra bucks in their spare time.  [Read More]