Nicky Sykora
Nicky Sykora
Nicky is a marketer, writer, foodie, amateur animal rescuer, and traveling enthusiast. She currently works her magic planning events for a tech company that offers web-based education tools and data reporting to effectively measure outcomes-based learning goals and institutional objectives for accreditation. She resides in the west Chicago suburbs and is happiest taking care of her plants, dogs, and husband in no particular order. | @nicoleannejin


Hypersonic Missile Flies at Eight Times the Speed of Sound

In less than half an hour, the US military was able to launch an Advanced Hypersonic Weapon from its Hawaiian military base to Kwajalein Atoll, an island in the Pacific Ocean over 2,300 miles away....  [Read More]

Taxi Cab Confessions: Smelly Taxi and Taxi Magic Unite

When Adam Saffro flagged down and stepped into a cab in Chicago earlier this year, he did not know he would be stepping out with an idea for a new mobile app. After collaborating with...  [Read More]

Resunate: World’s First SEO Resume Builder

Resunate a free product of Careerimp, Inc., is a SEO resume builder that utilizes the same technology hiring companies use to filter job applicant resumes.   [Read More]

Hoseanna: An Automated Service for Women on the Go

Netflix did it with movies, Hoseanna does it with hoisery.   Meet the latest in auto-shipment startups aimed exclusively at today’s busy women. Stepping on the scene in August 2011, Hoseanna offers extensive product options...  [Read More]

Rovertown: Mobile Marketing for the College Student

Mike Philip, owner and CEO of Rovertown, believes the most effective and underutilized opportunity to market to college students is connecting them with local businesses through their mobile phones. Rovertown is a mobile marketing company...  [Read More]

Heavenly Hellos: Delivering Messages from the Crypt

Des Moines-based Heavenly Hellos made its debut in May 2011, acting as a portal for the dead to reach out to the living.  [Read More]

ITA Fall Challenge: Keeping Top Talent In Our State

One of the biggest challenges facing technology companies right now is the need to acquire and retain top talent. With many graduates leaving Illinois and headed for the coasts, companies are finding it harder and...  [Read More]

Digital Tour Bus – A Behind The Scenes Look At Your Favorite Bands In...

In the days of old the only way to get into a musician's or band's tour bus was to be a member, roadie or the less attractive option...a groupie.   [Read More]

How KarmaKorn is Changing the Face of Philanthropy

By Anne Feher If I could make one small change, make one quick but meaningful impact each day, what would I do? As an almost 26 year old, I’ve had my fair share of guilt...  [Read More]

Power2Switch: Transition of Power to the People

The art of comparison shopping is often confined to homes & vehicles, advanced electronics, hotel rooms, air fares, & potential mates. Fortunately, the refreshing new venture, Power2Switch, offers the public one more industry to hem and haw over.  [Read More]