Matt Diener
Matt Diener
After graduating with a BA in anthropology from Drew University, Matt tried to find his way in the rich fields of social science. This lead him to complete a few semesters of graduate school and saw him working as a contract archaeologist, fashion consultant, and systems administrator before he came to realize that his love of writing is what drew him to anthropology in the first place. Matt now works as a freelance writer interested in all aspects of the technology sector (particularly gaming, DIY projects/hacks, and communication) and lives with his wife Heather and dog Momo in central New Jersey. His first computer was a Leading Edge Model D.


Have Smartphones Killed Braille?

The war between traditional print and digital media is being fought largely on the E-Reader front, with the Kindle and the Nook leading a two-pronged offensive against the paper novel. Yet many are unaware how another...  [Read More]

Oops-achu: Apple Removes Fake Pokemon App

If a $0.99 version of a classic Pokemon game to the iOS seemed like a great deal to you, chances are you’re already out a dollar.  Over the weekend Apple allowed an unknown developer, “House of...  [Read More]

Find Your Keys, Phone, And Sanity With RFID Stickers

RFID has not been a technology widely embraced by gadget manufacturers, and most consumers barely bother with the technological applications outside of tracking their pets via microchip or using EZ Pass tags to save a few minutes in their...  [Read More]

Star Trek aTricordera’ Scanners Possible, Set Medical Community To St...

The Tricorder Medical Scanner from Star Trek might be more science and less fiction in a few months, thanks to new technological breakthroughs.  [Read More]

Controlling Your Dreams – There’s An App For That

Dreams have always held a romantic fascination over mankind.  As harbingers of some of the sweetest and most fantastic moments life has to offer, it’s natural for us to dream of controlling our dreams.  While...  [Read More]