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EarlyShares Announces $1.15M Series A Funding To Grow Its Crowdfunding Plat...

Miami-based Crowdfunding platform EarlyShares raised a Series A funding of more than $1.15 million dollars, a further indication of the growing crowdfunding market.   [Read More]

Georgia Startup RappidApp Acquired By SignUp4 To Expand Mobile Offerings

Savannah, Georgia’s mobile app creation startup RappidApp announced that it has been acquired by SignUp4, a meeting management software company.  [Read More]

Over 15,000 Rides Given, RedCap Looks To Expand On-Demand Personal Driver S...

Unlike taxis or hiring a full-time personal driver, RedCap allows members to summon their own affordable driver for a single occasion, who will make sure both you and your car get to your destination safely.  [Read More]

RentPost Brings Simple Property Management To The Cloud

RentPost, a startup out of Athens, GA, is hoping to improve the way landlords manage their property and communicate with their tenants by creating simple, easy-to-use software.  [Read More]

Scoutmob Launches Local Handmade Marketplace ‘Shoppe’

Atlanta-based Scoutmob, known primarily for its local daily deal offerings, recently launched Shoppe, an ecommerce marketplace showcasing locally-made goods and the creators behind them.  [Read More]

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman? #Infographic

Being a super hero without any super powers isn't cheap, just ask Batman. While his propensity for vigialantee justice might be innate, Bruce Wayne's mere mortal status means he has to shell out super bucks for his crime-fighting abilities.  [Read More]

‘Buy Now’ Comes To FoodSpotting Thanks To GrubHub Integration

Browsing the photos of double bacon-cheese burgers, mint-chocolate milkshakes, and other delicious foods on FoodSpotting, your mouth can't help but salivate. But with no ordering capabilities, Foodspotters kept us hungry and hanging. Until now, that is.   [Read More]

The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund Invests $600,000 In Three Tech Startups

The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund recently announced that it has invested $600,000 in three tech startups: Larky, Flocktag, and FreeStride Therapeutics.  [Read More]

70% Of All Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Presence On Social Networks

With an increasing number of companies embracing the social world, asked the question, “What about the chief executive officers?” Surprisingly, they found that with the exception of LinkedIn — Fortune 500-CEOs lagged far behind the general population in terms of social media participation.   [Read More]

Crowdfunding Comes To The Rescue Of The U.S Economy

With limited access to investor capitol and bank loans becoming harder and harder to come by, entrepreneurs can have a hard time getting off their ideas off the ground.   [Read More]