Kriti Vichare
Kriti Vichare
Kriti Vichare is a marketer, entrepreneur and cartoonist. She is the illustrator and co-founder of #entrepreneurfail: A Humorous Look at Finding Success, a comic about the ironies of starting a company. Sign up at to get exclusive never-before-published comics. Kriti is also the founder of IdeaKube, a company that facilitates brainstorming and networking through ‘ideation parties.’ Kriti was a former marketer at PepsiCo and Kraft Foods. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern, and a BS and MS from Carnegie Mellon University. You can connect with her at


#EntrepreneurFail: Deadline or Alive (Comic)

Ravaging through the rough, grunting and seeking out the next victim….Scavenging anyone and anything that comes in the way… No, we aren’t describing the latest wildlife channel special about predatory beasts in the jungle. We...  [Read More]

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit [COMIC]

Attention budding entrepreneurs! How handy are you with tools? Are you ready to get down and dirty and fix what needs it? I hate to break it to you, but you have to be ready....  [Read More]

#EntrepreneurFail: Building A Startup Empire

“Rome wasn’t built in a day either…” I first saw this unapologetic declaration on a billboard sign on a highway that is perennially under construction. And it always reminds me that startups have to be...  [Read More]

Entrepreneur’s Palm Reading: Certain Uncertainties

What would you do if you knew, right now, how successful your startup would be in the future? If you knew it wouldn’t be successful, would you still pursue the entrepreneurial journey? And if you knew...  [Read More]

Cofounder Needed: Toons Need Not Apply

Let’s set the scene:  It’s a CoFoundersLab Meetup group set in a fun, colorful co-working hub in town. You see introverted onlookers assessing the scene, and you see aggressive sales-y types already making their rounds....  [Read More]

Falling Into The Non-Technical Founder Trap [COMIC]

Oh yes, I’m a self-declared, bona fide non-technical founder. Despite the fact many years ago my credentials looked like that of a coder, more recently, I insist on outsourcing or delegating the responsibility of anything...  [Read More]

COMIC: Entrepreneurial Exit Strategy?

  I recently volunteered as a business plan coach for high school students through the National Foundation of Teaching Entrepreneurship, and was impressed that each and every student (in a mandatory class) was excited about...  [Read More]

Plead For A Lead [COMIC]

If you have to beg…you’re probably not working on the right leads.  Planning, executing, and closing the sales for your venture are arguably the most important tasks in starting a business. Too many new entrepreneurs...  [Read More]

Converting A Hobby To A Business: The Reality [COMIC]

Pursue your passion…and you’ll never work on your passion a full day in your life…   Wait…that’s not how the old adage goes, is it? Isn’t it true that if you work on something you...  [Read More]

Top 10 Things An Entrepreneur Never Says: Are You A Wantrepreneur?

The term “wantrepreneur” may have a derogatory connotation, indicating someone is a wannabe entrepreneur.  I think every successful small business owner was once a “wantrepreneur, ” so it’s not really a bad thing to be...  [Read More]