Kathryn Hough
Kathryn Writer
Kathryn is a writer for Techli covering ecommerce, social, and the startup hubs of Portland, St. Louis, and Chicago. She is the CMO and co-founder of Huedio, a startup that is currently in stealth mode. Kathryn was an early employee at DailyBurn, a TechStars class of 2008, which was acquired by IAC in 2010. Prior to her foray into startups, Kathryn co-founded the New School Free Press at New School University.


10 Startup Fallacies

The startup world can feel a lot like strolling through a zoo. You have the reptile house (venture capitalists), the nocturnal animal house (the hackers), and the baby nursery (the founders who aren’t old enough...  [Read More]

Booze, Cigarettes, and Facebook: Researchers Study Social Networking Addict...

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New York Fashion Week Goes High Tech

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Bundlr: Organize Your Web

Bundlr is a curation tool for organizing and communicating information about an idea. Whether you need to organize clips from around the web for a research paper, or you want to gather real-time news sources to share about the riots in Greece, Bundlr helps you store the information in one place.  [Read More]

Crowdfunding Platform ProFounder Shuts Down

ProFounder, a crowdfunding website that helped entrepreneurs raise capital for their startups, shut down today according to an email sent to ProFounder users.  [Read More]

See the App: Visual Discovery For The App Store

See the App allows users to discovery new and unique apps from Apple's app store.   [Read More]

10 Geeky Gifts Your Girlfriend Wishes You Got Her For Valentine’s Day

There’s one rule that gets passed down from man to man when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a woman: never buy her an appliance.  Everyone knows a friend of a distant cousin...  [Read More]

Should Your Startup Pay For A Celebrity Tweet Endorsements?

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