Kathryn Hough
Kathryn Writer
Kathryn is a writer for Techli covering ecommerce, social, and the startup hubs of Portland, St. Louis, and Chicago. She is the CMO and co-founder of Huedio, a startup that is currently in stealth mode. Kathryn was an early employee at DailyBurn, a TechStars class of 2008, which was acquired by IAC in 2010. Prior to her foray into startups, Kathryn co-founded the New School Free Press at New School University.


Know When To Fold ‘Em

In 2012, I learned many lessons about business and finance both in the startup scene and in the larger technology industry. Thanks to my work with Techli, I've had the privilege of speaking with the top legal, financial, product, and executive minds in America.  [Read More]

Missouri University of Science and Technology Announces Scholarship Recipie...

The Missouri University of Science and Technology awarded scholarships to 15 high school seniors for the 2013-2014 academic year, according to a statement from the university today.   [Read More]

Chicago-based iGearUnlimited Polls Customers To Make The Perfect iPad Mini ...

iGearUnlimited recently polled customers to discover the attributes that all add up to create the perfect iPad mini case.   [Read More]

Missouri Business Center Increased Sales By $15.8 Million In Area Businesse...

Northwest Missouri State University released a report this month that shows the favorable effect that the Northwest Small Business & Technology Development Center has had on area businesses in 2012. The report found that the center played a role in creating 21 new businesses and helped to increase sales across the region by $15.8 million.  [Read More]

Illinois Employers Banned From Demanding Access To Employee Social Network ...

A new law goes into effect in 2013 in Illinois that bans employers from demanding credentials and access to their employee's social networking accounts.  [Read More]

Control A Cockroach’s Brain With A Tweet Thanks To Chicago Artist

Chicago artist Brittany Ransom has hacked the control circuit on a bionic cockroach to crowdsource the insect's movement via Twitter.  [Read More]

Danforth Plant Science Center To Continue Investment In Robotics in 2013

Jim Carrington, the president of the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, confirmed today that the center will continue to invest in lab procedure automation robots.   [Read More]

Can’t Catch A Cab Tonight? Call A Crowdsourced Designated Driver

Startups like Lyft and SideCar are subverting the municipal nightmares and lawsuits that personal driver startups like Uber have been battling in many cities. That's because Lyft and SideCar connect riders with friendly folks who are willing to give rides in their personal cars, no taxi medallion required.   [Read More]

The Whimseybox Team Resolves To Make Project Dreams A Reality In 2013

Whimseybox, a Houston, Texas based startup that delivers monthly DIY projects and craft subscriptions to your door, shared their new year's resolutions this week. Because the team is a naturally crafty bunch, most of the team's resolutions center around starting and finshing DIY projects.   [Read More]

Microsoft Store Will Open In St. Louis In 2013

If you were afraid that the temporary Microsoft kiosk at the St. Louis Galleria would pack it in and head back to Washington after the holidays, fear not. St. Louis is one of the cities in the U.S. that has hosted a temporary store that will transition to a permanent retail location in 2013.   [Read More]