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Jon Christian is a Boston-based reporter and blogger, particularly interested in the intersection of technology, civil rights and culture. At, his beat encompasses Google, cloud and ultra-portable computing, haptic/cyberpunk/brain-in-a-tank news, and other cool stuff in the tech world. Tip him off at:


Smarter Handsets Aren’t Necessarily Better Phones: Report

The dissonant implication of Pew's findings is that powerful, expensive handsets are not necessarily serving as better phones  [Read More]

Google’s Vic Gundotra: Don’t “Screw Over” Developers

A Google executive joined a pile-on this week on social social giant Facebook, which has been accused of using bully tactics to shut down perceived rivals  [Read More]

What A 3D Printed Assault Rifle Means For Safety, Copyright

A firearm enthusiast believes he may have been the first to test a 3D-printed gun assembly, which he has used to build and fire a pistol and assault rifle.  [Read More]

Kinesis Brings Gesture Control To App Developers

Indian startup Kinesis is working to build a native framework to bring gesture and depth-based modeling developers, on the Kinect and likely soon other platforms.  [Read More]

Out Of The Way, Banayan: Meet The (Likely) New Youngest VC

An even younger investor is looking to dethrone Alex Banayan of his reigning 'youngest VC' title. And no, it's not the E*TRADE baby.   [Read More]

StartupStay Lets Entrepreneurs Crash On Each Others’ Couches

A new project aims to find places for traveling entrepreneurs to stay, in exchanges that it says will trade in ideas, connections and social capital rather than cash.  [Read More]

Meteor Secures $11.2 Million Led By Andreessen Horowitz

This week, Andreessen Horowitz led an impressive round of funding that garnered $11.2 million for Meteor.  [Read More]

Ubooly: iPhone Sock Puppet Plays Games With Kids

A Boulder-based startup will soon ship a cuddly stuffed animal built to hold an iPhone or iPod, with the display serving as the creature's face and a custom app that interacts and plays games with young children.  [Read More]

Google Springs Into ISP Realm With The (Sorta Free) Fiber

Google Fiber might sound like a healthy snack, but it's actually the search giant's first foray into the ISP industry.  [Read More]

HealPay: Making Debt Collection A Little Less Miserable

The system, the co-founder said, is “designed to make it easier for consumers to pay their bills." If all goes well, more people choose to (and are able to) pay up.  [Read More]