Jason Rowley
Jason D. Rowley does not like being wrong. He is a writer, startup founder, sometimes landscaper and gardner, and his library’s best customer. Jason is heavily involved with the entrepreneurship scene at the University of Chicago, where he studied political science before “taking a break” (e.g. dropping out, noncommittally) to work with his classmates on his current project, which will debut shortly. He’s written voluminous, ripsnorting articles for Flyover Geeks (now Tech.li) for over six months and publishes on Tuesdays. Edward Domain and others have described him as “obstreperous”, a label he wears with not inconsiderable pride. Jason, in spite of these claims, is a pretty nice guy.


Dear Networker, Try Harder

“Hey, Jason, it was great meeting you at XYZ event a few days ago. Your thing that you’re working on sounds pretty sweet. Let me know if I can help out at all, or if...  [Read More]

Chicago Nonprofit Moneythink Ignites Support for Financial Literacy, Entrep...

On May 12, Chicago-based nonprofit Moneythink is hosting an event to gain support for its mission to train talented, dedicated college students to teach high school students in underserved neighborhoods the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and...  [Read More]

How My Dead Hard Disk Saved Me

On Tuesday morning, when I usually publish my posts, I experienced one of those freak technological occurrences which remind users that their lives are increasingly digital, that they’ve come to count on their gadgetry’s continuous...  [Read More]

Why We Go To Conferences

We’ve all had those moments, walking out of conferences with a pocket full of business cards, we get in our cars or onto the train to go home and doubt for a split second if...  [Read More]

Why Inspirational Speaker-Entrepreneurs Are So Disappointing

What is it that makes a charismatic leader? Is it his or her message, or its delivery? Or is it something else, perhaps the inclination of the audience to believe it? In 1978, 918 people...  [Read More]

Seth Godin, Look What You’ve Done

I picked up Godin’s book because I’ve never read anything about leadership written for the express purpose of inspiring or instructing or empowering would-be leaders. And I realized, after about forty pages, that all of my criticism of inspirational flimflam such as this, yeah, it wasn’t baseless. Sorry, Seth.  [Read More]

On Being an Entrepreneur: A Maker’s Manifesto

FG Reader, whoever you are, this is not another sardonic article from Jason Rowley. Consider it a mini manifesto. I want you to reclaim yourself.  [Read More]

Not Another Chernobyl

The still-developing situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after last week’s devastating earthquake is not, I repeat, is not another Chernobyl, despite what headline writers and news anchors would like to claim. I assert...  [Read More]

Social News Curator Newsle The Most Promising Web Startup at 2011 Kairos Su...

The most promising new web startup featured at the Kairos Summit, Newsle, is a social news-curation tool built by a couple of whip-smart Harvard sophomores, Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon.   [Read More]

Kairos Seizes Its Moment

What differentiates the Kairos Society from other student entrepreneurship organizations is simple: it puts its money where its mouth is. And what a mouth it has.  [Read More]