Jason Rowley
Jason D. Rowley does not like being wrong. He is a writer, startup founder, sometimes landscaper and gardner, and his library’s best customer. Jason is heavily involved with the entrepreneurship scene at the University of Chicago, where he studied political science before “taking a break” (e.g. dropping out, noncommittally) to work with his classmates on his current project, which will debut shortly. He’s written voluminous, ripsnorting articles for Flyover Geeks (now Tech.li) for over six months and publishes on Tuesdays. Edward Domain and others have described him as “obstreperous”, a label he wears with not inconsiderable pride. Jason, in spite of these claims, is a pretty nice guy.


What A Chat Bot Taught Me About Being Human

I believe the majority of Mac or iDevice users reading this have downloaded free apps on something less than a whim before. It’s I highly doubt any one of those apps got you thinking about...  [Read More]

3 Reasons Why I Bought Google Stock Yesterday

The past month has seen a lot of activity from internet search giant Google. After years of stagnant share values, I believe investors are willing to give the long-suffering technology company another shot. I am...  [Read More]

Facebook + Twitter + Google = A G+ Experience

“Not to say that I’d sacrifice my firstborn for a Google+ invite, but… hit me up on gmail if you’ve got an invite burning a hole in your inbox.” Yes, admittedly, that was a post...  [Read More]

Is Bitcoin An Experiment In Anarchy?

Would You Prefer Cash, Credit, or Bitcoin? If you frequent Hacker News, you’d have noticed in the past several months a lot of buzz about Bitcoin. The blogosphere’s opinion rapidly fluctuates between aggressive vituperations of...  [Read More]

On The Tragedy of Google

In political science, there is a term, “imperial overstretch”, used to describe the overweening, overreaching behavior of large, “imperial” powers. Such behavior inevitably leads to the imperial power stumbling over itself. Whether this imperial power...  [Read More]

Facebook IPO Rumors Leave This Investor Boggled

It’s one of the sad truisms of business: offer many services, and none of them live up to their potential. Apparently, 6 million Americans jumped ship from social networking megalith Facebook in the month of...  [Read More]

Poggled’s Chicago Success No Drunkard’s Walk

It didn’t take last Groupon’s S-1 filing last week to validate the existence of all these Groupon clones. But if there is one thing that Poggled founders Joe Matthews and Sean Strother emphasized, it’s that...  [Read More]

eG8: Should The Internet Stay Savage?

Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Mason, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Parker, Eric Schmidt and Jimmy Wales—yes, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales—walk into a hornets’ nest of greying politicos… No, it’s not a joke. This is just a sample of the...  [Read More]

LinkedIn IPO Harbinger For Facebook, GS To Benefit

Clearly I was not the only one to push a buy order through for the LinkedIn IPO last week. Nor was I the only one to sell everything; it’s just that I’m one of the...  [Read More]

Buzzwords vs. Mom (Mom Should Win…)

Sometimes, one gets the feeling that entrepreneurs speak a different language from everyone else. Tech entrepreneurs especially. There are many market segments, and some of those have their own sub-segments. Each comes with its own...  [Read More]