Israel Vicars
Israel Vicars
Israel Vicars helps technology entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies. Israel has worked with server hardware, financial service, marketing, and consumer product startups, and helped launch a VC fund as an Associate Partner.


7 New Years Resolutions Of Innovation

It’s a new year filled with new possibilities! Startups and innovation go so well together, and innovation depends on creative teams working together on important problems. Washington University professor of psychology Keith Sawyer spent 10...  [Read More]

What Does Newsy’s $35MM Acquisition Mean For St. Louis?

The $35 million acquisition of Missouri internet-video startup Newsy is making headlines in the St. Louis investment and startup community.  For those who haven’t heard, Newsy, started in 2008, announced its acquisition by the E.W....  [Read More]

Is Institutional Innovation Possible?

  Institutions make dangerous leaders when times are changing. Ambitious entrepreneurial communities should be wary of their local institutions dominating the conversation and community leadership roles. Why?  Because institutions inherently oppose change. The word institution...  [Read More]