Irina Papuc
Irina Intern
Irina has a degree in Physics, and enjoys geeking out with the best of them. In her spare time, she works on an organic farm, reads comic books, and ponders the mysteries of the universe. In her unspared time, she is a writer and member of the social enterprise startup SolarCubed.


What Ever Happened To The Space Elevator?

What ever happened to the Space Elevator, every science fictionist's guilty pleasure, and a once promising venue to bring the masses to space?   [Read More]

Crowdfunding Service Brings Books to the Masses

The founder of Gluejar, a New Jersey-based startup, is promoting a rigorous campaign to "unglue" or "make a digital book free to read and use worldwide," thus eliminating cost barriers still felt in many poor communities.   [Read More]

7 Omaha Startups To Look Out For

A myriad of up-and-coming tech startups help maintain Omaha as the heart of the Silicon Prairie. Here are seven recent additions adding fire to the Omahype.  [Read More]

Sunnyvale-Based Flipora Knows What’s Good For You(r Web Search)

Do you ever wish the Internet could read your mind, offering a more intuitive means to help you get the most out of your browsing experience? Flipora does just that.   [Read More]

Chicago Medtech Startup Briteseed Prevents Surgical Mishaps With SafeSnips

Chicago-based student-run startup Briteseed is poised to end accidental surgical bleeding with SafeSnips.   [Read More]

Why Medstartr Chose To Turn Kickstarter Rejections Into Medtech Gold

In the case of Medstartr, the NYC-based crowdfunding site devoted to raising funds for medtech startups, Kickstarter rejects present a golden opportunity.  [Read More]

6 Reasons The Brandery, Cincinnati’s Top Tech Accelerator, Works

How do you put your tech startup's best foot forward. Seasoned business veterans and Brandery co-founders share what they think sets the Rockstars apart from the rest.   [Read More]

Why I’ll Ditch My Dream Journal For Dreamboard, The Mobile Dream App

Dreamboard aims to take traditional dream journaling to the next level by giving users a virtual platform to record and chart their dreams. I set out to see if I could ditch my dream journal for this app, and was pleasantly surprised.  [Read More]

New App ChurchMint Parting The Seas of

Move over SermonAudio: there's a new app in town, Churchmint, and this one promises to do more than just deliver church sermons on mobile devices.  [Read More]

In The Internet Age, Snuggling Becomes A Commodity

Are we desperate enough to resort to paying a complete stranger to snuggle with us? If so, Jackie Samuels, the social work graduate student charging $1 per minute for you to cuddle with her, may be onto something.   [Read More]