Edward Domain
Edward Domain
Edward is the founder and CEO of Techli.com. He is a writer, U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur and chronic early adopter. Having worked for startups in Silicon Valley and Chicago, he founded, grew and successfully exited his own previous startup and loves telling the tales of innovators everywhere. Follow on Twitter: @EdwardDomain


Startup Voodoo: A Chat With Foursquare’s Brendan Lewis

  Brendan Lewis is the Director of Communications for Foursquare and is also a panelist at next week’s Startup Voodoo conference. I had a chance to speak with Brendan a little about Foursquare, Startup Voodoo...  [Read More]

Mayor Francis Slay Joins DTR Sept 2nd: Register Now

You Are Invited To New Episode Filming Of      Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 2nd at… On Tuesday, Sept 2nd @ 6pm, YOU’RE INVITED to attend the filming of ‘The Domain Tech Report’ for TechliTV! Here’s the...  [Read More]

Pixelpop Festival: “St. Louis Has a Kick Ass Game Dev Community”...

  “St. Louis Has a KICK ASS game game dev community,” said Carol Mertz, one of the cofounders of PixelPop Festival, “and PixelPop is a way to bring together the gaming, game dev and music...  [Read More]

Social Good Startup Gladitood Raises $350K

  Ryan Brennell was studying abroad in New Zealand and the trajectory of his life changed when he went to Somoa on spring break. “You know, I was in college and went to Somoa to...  [Read More]

Peace Comes to Ferguson Missouri

In the wake of Michael Brown being shot while unarmed in Ferguson, Missouri, protests and looting broke out resulting in the burning and total destruction of a ‘Quik Trip’ gas station/convenience store and varying degrees...  [Read More]

Laclede’s LAN Brings LAN Parties Back To The Midwest – With A Dash Of C...

LAN parties used to be a fairly frequent occurrence under the Gateway Arch, but in recent years most of the LAN groups operating there have moved onto other projects, forcing Saint Louis PC gamers to...  [Read More]

Steve Young On SYNEK Kickstarter Success

  Steve Young, founder of SYNEK, has not only bucked the odds, he recently completed St. Louis’ most successful kickstarter campaign ever. Being an entrepreneur and launching something new takes guts.  If you read Techli,...  [Read More]

RoverTown Adds 1,000th Customer; Raises Additional Capital

  July 14, 2014- St. Louis startup RoverTown is growing- today they announced adding their 1,000th customer. RoverTown bills itself as, “a mobile student discount program for colleges and universities,” and works through their RoverTown...  [Read More]

GlobalHack Announces GlobalHack II Location And Prize Sponsor

  Building on the massive success of GlobalHack I earlier this year, (GH1 highlights HERE) GlobalHack has announced the details for GlobalHack II. The premise of GlobalHack is simple: teams of coders spend 48 intense...  [Read More]

STLcoin Is St. Louis’ Own Cryptocurrency

Entrepreneur Rick Schriewer is so bullish about crypto-currency he created his own; STLcoin was launched in St. Louis on January 14, 2014. (For those confused about what exactly crytpo-currency is, Udemy offers a free course...  [Read More]