Danyelle Michelini
Danyelle Michelini
Danyelle came from a land of cornfields and cattle to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she studied advertising and then worked for the Technology Entrepreneur Center. What Danyelle loves most about TEC is meeting inspiring students who are inventing new technologies and working to change the world. Her shining moment with TEC came in Jan. 2013 when she had the opportunity to meet Jeremy Stoppelman's (co-founder of Yelp, Inc.) dog, Darwin -oh, and Jeremy too. Fun fact: Danyelle threw discus and javelin for Illinois Track and Field. She still carries her javelin in her car and swears it makes for a great party trick. Follow Danyelle


ChopBox: Putting the Family Back in Dinner

I can imagine that many of our readers are constantly struggling to keep a balance between work life and family life. Leaving the paperwork at the office and picking up a spatula when you get...  [Read More]

Rithmio Scores Funding To Advance Gesture-Recognition Platform

“The night before the Cozad Competition Finals, my partner, Prashant Mehta, and I talked about our next steps,” said Rithmio’s co-founder Adam Tilton. “My lease was ending; I didn’t know if I should re-sign. You...  [Read More]

Miss Possible: UI Startup Inspiring Girls to Change the World

  When you were little girl (or boy) what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? A ballerina? The purple Power Ranger? The women out there know that many times, our...  [Read More]

Electroninks: Conductive Silver Ink Startup Draws Its Own Success Story

Founded earlier this year by S. Brett Walker and Professor Jennifer Lewis, Electroninks Inc. was born out of Lewis’ research lab in the University of Illinois’ Research Park. Lewis, a former University of Illinois materials science...  [Read More]

Second Saturday – And Every Day After

“You’ll never make it in business if you can’t make it past Second Saturday,” stated Dennis Beard, partner at Serra Ventures. In Urbana-Champaign, many startups get their first taste of pitching at Second Saturday. Every...  [Read More]

When Men Disrupt The Wedding Industry

The Problem When you think about wedding planning, you normally envision a soon to be bride, with her mother and bridesmaids in tow, going from flower shop, to bakery, to dress shop, to reception venue...  [Read More]

Great Companies Don’t Build Themselves

When it comes to a startup, there are many factors that have to be present for it to be successful.  Of course, you have to have a great idea. But that doesn’t build the company...  [Read More]

From Farmer’s Daughter To StartUps At UIUC TEC

Growing up as a “farmer’s daughter”-who almost perfectly exemplifies Rodney Atkins’ lyrics- entrepreneur was not a word I used. But that’s what he was, and that’s what I was when I sold vegetables and started...  [Read More]