Claudia Deutsch
Claudia Deutsch
Claudia Deutsch spent 24 years as a business writer for the New York Times and now spends her time playing squash, eating food, traveling, drinking red wine, uttering the occasional Yiddish, and writing about whatever interests her as a freelancer.


St. Louis Startup Juristat Is Transforming The Legal World

Getting a patent should be pretty straightforward. You send the patent office a description of your item or process, complete with specs. An examiner with experience in your field checks to make sure no one...  [Read More]

Resurrecting The Past To Build The Future

Fact: St. Louis is rife with people who have demonstrated at least rudimentary computer skills and aptitude, but cannot find tech jobs.   Fact: Numerous St. Louis companies say they cannot find enough web developers...  [Read More]

Travis Sheridan’s Background Gives New Meaning To The Word “Eclectic...

There’s his early showing as an entrepreneur – he uses the word “hustler” – at age 5, when he lifted cobblestones from a nearby ponding basin, and sold them door-to-door for 25 cents each. There...  [Read More]

FinTech Firm Wealth Access Finds Better Way

In the best of all worlds, the talk at that quarterly lunch with your financial advisor would revolve around goals and life changes – is your marriage still intact, how’s your health, is your condo...  [Read More]

Kansas City To St. Louis Migration Elevates FormZapper

Andy Kallenbach easily straddles two very disparate worlds: He is passionate about computers, yet fascinated with the nitty-gritty back-office operations that bore most technologists to tears. His company, FormZapper, is based on 21st Century tech concepts, yet...  [Read More]

Simmachines Embracing Fuzzy Data

Arnoldo Müller-Molina is amused, or perhaps bemused, when people try to pin him down on what Simmachines — the similarity search company he founded in 2012 — specializes in. It’s in the cancer research space, so it...  [Read More]

Success Of Veterans In St. Louis Growing Due To VRBC

Ten years ago, when the Veterans Business Resource Center first opened its doors, it was  “two guys in a storefront smoking cigars,” recalls Darcella K. Craven, the VBRC’s current executive director.  “Random people would wander in asking about...  [Read More]

Scottish Native Brown Pushing Data Startup Datotel To Success In St. Louis ...

It seems the first rule of entrepreneurship is that unless you have a unique – and preferably patented — technology or process, don’t chase a market that’s already saturated with well-known and well-heeled companies. If...  [Read More]

Fintech Startup miiCard Fights Online Fraud

miiCard’s CEO James Varga still winces when he remembers refinancing his mortgage a few years ago.  He’d log into the bank’s website at night, when he finally had time, and book an appointment with a...  [Read More]

St. Louis-based “Middleman” Serving As Information Bridge T...

Shouldn’t the world have overdosed on stand-alone question and answer sites by now?  Haven’t the myriad search engines, Wikipedia, Facebook and all the interactive social communities more than filled that need? Apparently not.  Despite (or...  [Read More]