Cameron Keng
Cameron Keng
Cam is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”), Enrolled Agent before the Internal Revenue Service (“EA”), New York State Department of Education Business Teacher and future New York State Attorney-at-Law. Cam is co-authoring an Entrepreneur’s Guide in Asia with Derek Sivers, founder of CDbaby and TED Speaker. He's been recently interviewed by Mixergy as a successful entrepreneur. His current project range from running and founding a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax clinic for low-income families, the elderly and non-native english speaking immigrants to writing for awesome publications like techli. You can find him on twatter @cameronkeng. =)


Surviving, Thriving and Splitting on the StartupBus to SXSW

Startupbus, for those unfamiliar is a competition where 10 cities (11 this year) each have a bus heading towards Austin, TX for SXSW.  The goal is to create a startup in 3 days with complete...  [Read More]

The Founder Dilemma: Risk, Equity Dilution, And Term Sheets

Startups are glamorized into overnight successes that roll over obstacles like a runaway freight train.  This is the myth that every real startup founder hates and fights.  Yet, the irony of the situation is that...  [Read More]

Startup Lingo Translation: Pivot = F*ck!

When a startup tells you that they’re pivoting, read as, “We completed f*cked up.”  Pivot is the newest way people have framed their mistakes and spun their alchemy to change their turds into gold.  A...  [Read More]

Why You Should Sell First Then Give It Away For Free

The current obsession with “product” is probably the worst thing to hit the startup community since Color. Worry about selling. Building a product before you’re able to sell it is a guaranteed recipe to fail...  [Read More]

Asia’s Answer to Y Combinator, 500startups and TechStars

Asia is drooling at the chomp to recreate the startup magic that the United States has in San Francisco and New York.  Their answer is the following: Startup Labs Startup Weekend has operated in over...  [Read More]

Bing Should Have Googled ‘Bing’ In Chinese

There’s a reason why American companies can’t seem to grasp Asian markets. Why? Culture. Startups and established companies need to understand that simply throwing a branch down in a random Asian country is probably going...  [Read More]