Tyler New Media introduces MyCulture.tv

ABlackWebDesign, a Chicago based web development company specializing in web customizations, recently had the pleasure of working with the up and coming social media mogul, Tyler New Media . On Monday, March 14, 2011, they...  [Read More]

iPad vs Galaxy Tab

With the holiday season approaching and thinking what I’d like to add to my gadget list, I decided to take a look at the two hottest pieces of technology out today: iPad and Galaxy Tab....  [Read More]

WordPress vs. Tumblr

Over the past couple of years blogging has become the thing to do. Choosing the right platform is almost as important as the content you will write, so I decided to compare a popular kid...  [Read More]

FanVision helps NFL improve the stadium experience

With the boom of high definition television, cable channels such as NFL Red Zone and high priced NFL Tickets in a time of recession, watching football at home has become as desirable choice for football...  [Read More]

Chicago Police using Nixle to help you stay connected

The Chicago Police Department is now joining the social media scene by using text messaging. The department is using an alert based tool called Nixle. With Nixle, you can receive trusted, real-time neighborhood information directly...  [Read More]

Google announces Instant search

On Wednesday Google announced its latest enhancement called Instant. Instant is a smart feature that predicts what you’d like to search and displays results as you type. For example, if I start to type Flyover...  [Read More]

An app that can add extra security to your home: iCam

Who knew that an app for your iPhone/iPod would double as a security system? This app is called the iCam. The iCam allows you to stream live video and audio from up to four webcams...  [Read More]

Will GoogleTV put cable out of business?

Google has a new product called Google TV that will be launching Fall 2010. Google TV proposes to bring the two visual mediums you love together without having to neglect one or the other. GoogleTV...  [Read More]

Facebook launches Places

Facebook announced on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 its latest product, Places, for mobile browsers. This product offers a brand new app available for download that will allow you to check-in a location and share it...  [Read More]