Annie Zaleski
Annie Zaleski
Annie Zaleski is part of the communications team at the Cleveland-based nonprofit venture development organization JumpStart Inc., which provides intensive business assistance and sometimes direct investment to high potential, seed-stage tech businesses to accelerate their growth. At JumpStart, she applies her decade-plus of professional writing and editing experience to thought leadership, blogging, press outreach, social media, client company support and other strategic initiatives. A graduate of Harvard University, she is especially passionate about blogging, social media, content management, branding and rock & roll.


Connections Matter: The 2014 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo

There are no shortage of community-building events available to Greater Cleveland entrepreneurs. In fact, it feels like there are more and more every year—a very good sign indeed!—which resonate well beyond a defined area. “The...  [Read More]

10 Northeast Ohio 2013 Milestones

With the arrival of 2014, it’s time to close the book on the year that was 2013. To say it was a very busy 12 months in Northeast Ohio is a vast understatement: From companies...  [Read More]

Venture For America Trains The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs: Interview

Venture For America is a program that hires recent college graduates to work at startup companies, where their skills and expertise can have a major impact on a firm’s growth and development. Fellows work for...  [Read More]

Ohio-Based HealthSpot Seeks To Make Doctor’s Visits More Convenient

With winter coming, it’s inevitable: One of these mornings, you’re going to wake up sick. But instead of trying to persuade your doctor’s office to squeeze you in, what if you could make an appointment,...  [Read More]

FlashStarts Holds First Demo Day; Cleveland Accelerator Highlights Ten Youn...

As any accelerator team knows, the weeks of blood, sweat and tears culminate in d-day—or demo day. Nerve-wracking and exhilarating all at once, this graduation of sorts is a company’s high-profile shot at showing off...  [Read More]

“The Adventures of Shadow Cat”: An Entertaining Comic With Seri...

In the origin story of The Adventures of Shadow Cat, a motley crew of pals—namely, a snake named Mike and Max the cat—discover a top-secret hidden lab full of gadgets, like a plasma blaster and...  [Read More]

eFuneral: Dead Set On Making A Difference

You can go online and find ratings and recommendations for everything from hotels to health clubs but, for a long time, when making really important decisions, there was no simple way to research options. Thanks...  [Read More]

BoxCast: Big Video-Streaming Innovations Come In Small Packages

Streaming video technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day. Have a camera? It’s never been easier to use it to capture concerts, sporting events, church services, and even memorial services. Still, making...  [Read More]

Greater Cleveland Startups Improve Ohio With Jobs, Tax Dollars and Impact

For years, the Kauffman Foundation has stressed how important startups and young companies  are to the health of a region’s economy. Here in Northeast Ohio, a recently-released report focused on some of the region’s growing...  [Read More]

Darkside Scientific: Creating Its Own Bright Future

What if your bike could glow in the dark—permanently? Thanks to a Northeast Ohio startup called Darkside Scientific, this scenario isn’t just a sci-fi pipe dream. The growing company has developed an electroluminescent paint coating...  [Read More]