Andrew Childress
Andrew Childress
Andrew Childress is a 21 year old entrepreneur enthralled by the world of startups and technology. Cutting his teeth on his college studies of accounting and finance, Andrew possesses a strong knowledge of numbers side of the business world. Residing in the Appalachian Mountains, he enjoys traveling, spending time as a freelance wedding and portrait photographer.


ZenFotomatic Brings Peace To Batch Image Processing

If you deal in image heavy work, I don’t have to tell you about the merits of handling your images in batches. Many jobs that include multimedia will strand users in hours of image manipulation,...  [Read More]

Piqtur Brings Easy Image Effects To A Browser Near You

Think you need Photoshop to add a bit of flare to your images? Guess again. Piqtur brings powerful image effects directly to your web browser. Coded by German Elias Klughammer, Piqtur is an application that...  [Read More]

Greplin Searches Services To Beat Info Overload

I deal with a lot of data. Between half a dozen email accounts, three social networks, and a Dropbox stuffed full of files, it can be hard to sort through what I need. Until about...  [Read More]

10 Atlanta Startups Making The South Proud

If you're interested in startups, it might be time to have Georgia on your mind. Today, we're taking a look at 10 of the best that the Peach State has to offer.  [Read More]

Back on Path: A Startup Responds to Privacy Concerns

Last week, the social networking service Path found itself in a hotly contested discussion regarding user privacy after discovered the application was uploading user address books without permission. After taking quite a bit of flak on...  [Read More]

Ridejoy: Bringing Good Feelings to Ridesharing

Originally designed to make carpooling easy for 2011’s Burning Man Festival, Ridejoy has expanded their mission of making “carpooling happy” to 45 states. Although easy on the environment and the wallets of participants, carpooling can be intimidating to...  [Read More]

500px: Image Sharing Done Right

Co-founded by Evgeny Tchebotarev and Oleg Gutsol, 500px feels like the fresh start that photo sharing needed. When it comes to showcasing your photography, what’s more important than how you how your images appear? 500px...  [Read More]