Aaron Perlut
Aaron Perlut
Formerly a sexy beast and now an overweight 40-something, Aaron Perlut is a partner in St. Louis-based Elasticity and longtime contributor to Forbes.com, HuffingtonPost, ESPN.com, VentureBeat and several media outlets that are only interesting to people who enjoy bacon and mustaches.


Startups Can Have A Tasty Culture Too

Five years ago on Jan. 1, along with two partners, I started a services business at the depth of the worst economic conditions in the U.S. since the Great Depression. As our company, Elasticity, reaches...  [Read More]

aisle411 Continuing Trajectory Towards ‘Kind Of A Big Deal’ Sta...

After recently announcing a $6.3 million raise led by Cultivation Capital, St. Louis-based indoor retail mapping platform aisle411 that helps consumers quickly find what they need while shopping, continues its trajectory upwards. The company — which is used by major retailers...  [Read More]

Geyrhalter Offers Startups Keys To Launching Brands

So you’ve successfully crafted a solid new business idea and gathered funding to transform your vision into a tangible product or service. Now, one of your many challenges is to launch as a brand. “Most...  [Read More]

Groupon For Groceries Startup Aisle50 Secures $2.6 Million

Aisle50, the Chicago-based “Groupon for groceries” and Y Combinator alum, announced today a $2.6M Series A financing led by Origin Ventures, with major participation from August Capital. Co-founded by former Forbes magazine writer and noted...  [Read More]

CafePress Debuts CafePress TV with Sharknado Q&A

If you’ve been using that thing called the “Internet” for the past 14 years or so, you might be familiar with a little website called CafePress.com. You know, the guys who were in the thick...  [Read More]