Axosoft Offers $10,000 Grant To Software Development Startups

While $10,000 probably doesn’t sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things, there are likely lots of ways that you could put that money to good use, right? After all, every little bit...  [Read More]

Sherwood To Lead CIC Expansion Into St. Louis Startup Market

An unmistakable pattern pervades Dougan Sherwood’s resume.   He tried a business major in college, but “couldn’t get into it,” switched to a major in history with a focus on American Indian studies, interned in the...  [Read More]

Geostellar, PENSCO Trust Seek Startup Capital Via JOBS Act

One of the mysteries of the startup community has been leveraging the Federal Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which allows smaller investors to invest in private companies. And so it is with great interest...  [Read More]

St. Louis Startup & Capital Report 2014

According to the newly released Accelerate St. Louis Startup & Capital Report 2014, the greater St. Louis region demonstrates “unprecedented growth and strength of the regional ecosystem for tech-based startups.” The document, which is released...  [Read More]

Chicago Startups: Pitch Training Camp Starts Next Week

  Pitching skills are a must-have for startup founders. A perfected pitch can make or break an entrepreneur’s chance at landing new customers, raising a round of funding or enticing a co-founder to join their...  [Read More]

InvestMidwest Connects Investors With Startups In St. Louis

Ed Mass believes online education has a ton of room to grow. “Currently, the K-12 education market is very underdeveloped in terms of online education platforms,” he said with excitement, sensing a business opportunity. “Most...  [Read More]

Scotsman Bamforth Driving Success Of St. Louis BioPharma Startup Gallus

The word “Gallus” means confident, bold and feisty in ancient Glaswegian dialect.  In modern Scottish it means brilliant, amazing or better than you could imagine. Clearly, Mark Bamforth wasn’t feeling insecure back in 2010, when...  [Read More]

LearnCore: The Hottest Chicago Startup You’ve Never Heard Of

LearnCore has taken ZERO VC Investment, doubling client roster by end of Q1 “We have a philosophy,” said LearnCore cofounder Ethan Linkner. “Don’t spend if you don’t have to.” That philosophy has allowed Linkner and...  [Read More]

Taking Your Startup International

On Wednesday evening, Globalwise Communities founder & president Shawn Mahoney shared his expertise about taking your startup international at the TechArtista Coworking Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Here are a few key points from the...  [Read More]

How To Start A Startup In College [Infographic]

Want to launch a startup? Are you in college? Here’s the blueprint, game changers. Go get it done. Source:  [Read More]