‘Joustin Bieber’ One App Developer’s Battle with the Pop ...

RC3, an app developer who released a game entitled “Joustin’ Beaver,” recently received a cease and desist letter from Justin Bieber’s lawyers claiming that the name of the game infringed the singer’s trademark and publicity...  [Read More]

Linsanity, Apple, COACH All Making Trademark Headlines

There seems to be no shortage of headlines lately dealing with trademark disputes between major brands and their “lesser” counterparts. This week has been no different, with Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks, Apple,...  [Read More]

Evernote Releases Hello App 1.1 Update With Major Usability Improvements

As a generally disorganized person, I live and die by Evernote. In fact, I draft all of my posts for Tech.li in Evernote, and I type all of my interview notes in Evernote. I use...  [Read More]

Android To Beat iOS In U.S. App Downloads

Android is poised to outstrip competitor operating system iOS in U.S. app downloads, according to data from mobile researcher Xyologic, in a trend that could change the dynamics of the smartphone wars. In parts of...  [Read More]

Oops-achu: Apple Removes Fake Pokemon App

If a $0.99 version of a classic Pokemon game to the iOS seemed like a great deal to you, chances are you’re already out a dollar.  Over the weekend Apple allowed an unknown developer, “House of...  [Read More]

The Banality of “Don’t Be Evil”: Google Slapped With Clas...

Google may face a class-action suit over the revelation that the company was bypassing default privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser to illicitly gather user information. Attorneys representing an Illinois man named Matthew Soble have...  [Read More]

11 Must-Have Apps For Entrepreneurs

Q: What mobiles apps do you use to market your business and interact with customers while on the go? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised...  [Read More]

Chrome Extension Applies NSA-Class Encryption to Facebook

Social networking sites play a growing role in activist and revolutionary organization around the globe, including the Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring movements during the past year. At the same time, there is...  [Read More]

Controlling Your Dreams – There’s An App For That

Dreams have always held a romantic fascination over mankind.  As harbingers of some of the sweetest and most fantastic moments life has to offer, it’s natural for us to dream of controlling our dreams.  While...  [Read More]

See the App: Visual Discovery For The App Store

See the App allows users to discovery new and unique apps from Apple's app store.   [Read More]